Mikhaila Peterson’s Husband Andrey Korikov: Why Did Jordan Peterson’s Daughter Divorce?

Owen Weimann

Mikhaila Peterson's Husband Andrey Korikov: Why Did Jordan Peterson's Daughter Divorce?

Mikhaila Peterson is married to her husband Andrey Korikov, with whom she shares a daughter, Elizabeth. Find the reason Jordan Peterson’s daughter is filing a divorce. Mikhaila does not have a Wikipedia profile yet.

Mikhaila Peterson, the daughter of renowned clinical psychologist and popular lecturer Jordan Peterson, has revealed her divorce from her husband Andrey Korikov on social networks.

Despite being a quiet person, Mikhaila took to Instagram to share her life update. Aside from the occasional post in which she expresses her love for her daughter Elizabeth Scarlett, she rarely discloses details about her personal life.

In this instance, however, she felt she ought to shed light on that reality with her followers. Despite the fact that her dad is a psychologist and successful public speaker Jordan Peterson, Mikhaila is active on her own successful YouTube channel, The Mikhaila Peterson Podcast, with over 404K subscribers.

Who is Mikhaila Peterson’s Husband Andrey Korikov?

Mikhaila Peterson is wedded to Andrey Korikov, an entrepreneur. He is Russian, but the husband-wife duo (along with their daughter) lives in Canada. The family relocated to Nashville in October 2021 and is co-parenting peacefully.

Andrey attended Ryerson University in Toronto and has served as a financial analyst for organizations such as Adastra and BMO Capital Markets.

He established Companion Advisory Services Inc. in 2018. The couple met at Ryerson University and tied the knot in 2017. Scarlett was born on August 6, 2017, when Mikhaila was 24 years old.

How Does Mikhaila Peterson Feel About Her Divorce?

The pair’s relationship went on and off for roughly three years, so it was already strained when Elizabeth was born. Mikhaila Peterson has described the last five years as “totally ludicrous” in light of her autoimmune condition, stardom, and her parents’ worsening health.

The Don’t Eat That blogger was hospitalized with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 7, depression when she was twelve, and idiopathic hypersomnia in the early 20s. She maintains that a rigorous diet of meat, salt, and water has healed her ailment.

Her mother, Tammy Roberts, was stricken with terminal cancer in April 2019, and the family traveled to Russia in February 2020 to address Jordan’s clonazepam addiction.

He was in a comatose state for eight days. Despite this, Mikhaila has stated that she is the most joyful she has ever been.

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