Melody Holt’s New Boyfriend in 2023: Is She Dating Devyn Keith?

Anup Jung Pandey

Melody Holt’s New Boyfriend in 2023: Is She Dating Devyn Keith?

Melody Holt’s cousins recently confirmed that she has a new boyfriend in 2023. While they didn’t reveal his identity, fans believe she is dating a guy named Devyn Keith.

The reality TV show, Love & Marriage: Huntsville, features some of the most fascinating and dynamic couples in Huntsville. The show chronicles their personal and professional lives, giving viewers an inside look at their challenges and achievements. The reality TV series is a must-see for enthusiasts of that genre since it features a ton of drama, romance, and magnificence.

Melody Holt and Martell Holt were one of the most popular couples when the show debuted. The couple was married for more than a decade and had 4 children together. However, it was revealed that Martell cheated on Melody time and again. Eventually, Melody filed for divorce in 2020 which was finalized in 2021.

On the other hand, there has been a rumor circulating on the Internet that Melody has been dating a new man in 2023. A lot of her followers have been seeking details about her new boyfriend. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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2023: Melody Holt Has Yet to Reveal Her New Boyfriend!

Melody Holt (@melodysholt) allegedly has a new boyfriend in 2023. However, the mother of 4 has not shared any information about her possible partner yet. Speculation about having a new man in her life came from her cousins after they wrote about her new love life. One of her cousins wrote,

Baby I couldn’t wait til this news got out cause a couple of y’all had my girl ducked up like she was pressed bout her ex!!!! 🥰🥰🥰

Similarly, another cousin added, “Real ducked up okay!!” Then the first cousin who wrote the comment added, “And we sooo happy for them!! She’s being treated like a princess as she should! ❤️”

Melody Holt's new boyfriend has not been revealed yet. blurred-reality.comMelody Holt’s new boyfriend has not been revealed yet.
Image Source: Instagram

However, a Love & Marriage: Huntsville fan noted that they needed to see it for themselves first to believe it, to which Melody’s cousin replied,

I wouldn’t pop out until I popped out married 🤷🏽‍♀️. But I can assure you he’s everything she deserves and more…. And he FINE! I’m sooooo happy for her! ❤️ It’s good to see her this happy!

These statements clearly confirm that Melody Holt has a new boyfriend and is in a very happy relationship, as opposed to her toxic relationship with her ex-husband. However, neither Melody nor her cousins are ready yet to reveal who he is.

Fans Believe Melody Holt Is Dating a Man Named Devyn Keith!

Fans believe they know who Melody Holy is dating. They believe she is dating a man named Devyn Keith after her ex-husband, Martell Holt, made a post on Instagram (now deleted) a few months ago. He wrote,

Y’all let me know if Melody Shari or anyone else started a GoFundMe for Devyn Keith. I have a lil something. #King

Fans immediately speculated that Martell only created the post because Devyn is Melody’s new boyfriend despite the fact that Martell didn’t provide many other details.

Melody Holt and her ex-husband, Martell Holt. blurred-reality.comMelody Holt and her ex-husband, Martell Holt.
Image Source: The Cinemaholic

It turns out that Devyn serves as a councilman for the city of Huntsville. He mistakenly failed to pay for $20 headphones that were left in his cart, which led to his theft arrest earlier this year. Devyn made a statement on the situation on Facebook. He wrote,

Yesterday, after purchasing items at the self-checkout at Walmart, I left the store with a $20 pair of headphones in my cart that I failed to pay for. I respect the professionalism of the Walmart staff and law enforcement officers involved with this matter….I can’t express how grateful I am to have family, friends, and loved ones that have supported me, but I have to be accountable. No one is above the law and as someone who works for and aspires to devotedly represent the best of the people of Huntsville, I can’t make these types of mistakes. I know I am better than this.

On the other hand, Melody’s mother Miss Van defended Devyn on her Instagram writing,

I stand with City Councilman Devyn Keith. A servant to his beliefs, his community and his position. Upstanding, high valued and now will have a better understanding of the monumental phrase by the late John Lewis “Get in good trouble”. STAY WOKE PEOPLE. #ItWontWork #PowerfulTogether #TheStruggleContinues

Melody Holt defending Devyn strongly indicates that he is her daughter’s new boyfriend. We will definitely get back to you as soon as we get any confirmation about Melody’s new love life.