Did Melissa From Love After Lockup Get a Nose Job? Reddit Update

Anup Jung Pandey

Did Melissa From Love After Lockup Get a Nose Job? Reddit Update blurred-reality.com

blurred-reality.com – Yes, Melissa from Love After Lockup received a nose job despite her partner, Louie, not agreeing with her decision. However, many Reddit users have been criticizing her new nose. 

Melissa, who was one of the cast in Season 5 of Love After Lockup, has recently been making headlines as her nose appears to have changed significantly. Fans of the show, especially on Reddit, wonder if she received a nose job. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Melissa From Love After Lockup Got a Nose Job Despite Her Partner Not Agreeing With Her Decision!

If you have watched Season 5 of Love After LockupMelissa and her partner, Louie, got into a conflict because of their financial disagreements as Melissa wanted to undergo a nose job and Louie didn’t want her to do so. Regardless, Melissa stuck to her decision, willing to spend $11,000 on surgery with her credit card.

Melissa's appearance after a nose job. blurred-reality.comMelissa’s appearance after a nose job.
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Melissa steadfastly claimed her financial autonomy, asserting emphatically that she had the right to spend her money as she saw fit. Despite the arguments, Melissa went ahead with the nose job, and the couple celebrated the New Year with a shared photo from Times Square that showed Melissa’s changed nose.

As shown in the show, she got her nose job from Rowe Plastic Surgery, located in New York. She even posted the clip from the show on her Instagram. Meanwhile, people have been criticizing her across social media, especially on Reddit, ever since she got her nose done.

Are Melissa and Louie Still Together?

Melissa Picariello (@melissak_loveduringlockup) and Louie Fojut‘s relationship, as depicted in Love After Lockup, has faced significant challenges. Notably, Melissa’s high expectations of a romantic reunion with Louie after prison were dashed by a slew of hurdles.

Similarly, Louie’s mother, Donna Fojut, intervened, and there were worries about his behavior, such as inappropriate interactions with another woman. Furthermore, the conflict between Melissa and Louie grew owing to financial conflicts, particularly Melissa’s decision to have a nose job, which Louie strongly opposed.

Despite these challenges, their love story survived, with Melissa and Louie coping with the complexities of their relationship. Similarly, the show’s depiction of Melissa and Louie’s relationship sparked debate and differing perspectives among viewers, providing another dimension of participation to their evolving story.

Melissa and Louie are still together. blurred-reality.comMelissa and Louie are still together.
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Nonetheless, Melissa and Louie persisted in resolving their concerns, exhibiting a solid dedication to one another. Despite their struggles, Melissa and Louie’s enduring love demonstrates their dedication, perseverance, and determination to overcome obstacles in their relationship. As a result, they stay committed to negotiating the nuances of their relationship and conquering the obstacles that have tested their commitment.