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Mayor of Kingstown: Prison Guard and Girl Scene; Here's Natasha Marc!

May 12, 2023 @ 11:59 EDT
Mayor of Kingstown: Prison Guard and Girl Scene; Here's Natasha Marc!

In the intense scene of Mayor of Kingstown, a girl named Cherry, played by Natasha Marc, shocks as she kills a prison guard. Gripping drama at its finest!

Paramount+ viewers, let's talk about that insane scene in Mayor of Kingstown where Cherry (Natasha Marc) straight up killed Sam (Mandela Van Peebles). Like, seriously, it was one of those moments that stuck with you, even though they were just supporting characters. I mean, we need to give props to the ladies, right? They don't always get the recognition they deserve for their struggles and potential for violence in the show.

So, Cherry, the female inmate who took Sam's life, doesn't even have a proper name. Her friend just called her Cherry, warning her not to mess around with the prison guard. And let me tell you, she played everyone like a fiddle. We still don't know why she did it, but some think it could've been a hit ordered by the Crips in the men's prison. Apparently, Sam had done some messed up stuff, like killing a black inmate and seriously hurting another. So, maybe Cherry was out for revenge from the moment he got transferred to the women's prison.

Prison Guard and Girl Scene on Mayor of Kingstown: Cherry is Played By Natasha Marc!

Cherry had this twisted way of luring Sam in, pretending to be all interested in him. Natasha Marc (@natashamarc) did an amazing job portraying her complicated character and hiding her violent side. It's like, you couldn't help but remember her, you know? She became one of those characters that stick with you long after the show ends. And it leaves you wondering, was Cherry part of the Crips? Why did Sam have to die? It's a whole mystery we need to unravel.

Now, let's talk about Cherry's crazy plan. She played the attraction card, making Sam believe she was into him. And get this, she even spied on him using a broken mirror while Miriam was teaching. Talk about dedication! Cherry made her move when Sam was doing his rounds in her cell one night. She straight-up seduced him, like no shame whatsoever. And poor Sam, he couldn't resist the temptation. The guy clearly didn't understand that it was all a mind game. He struggled to control himself around Cherry and the other female inmates.

Miriam, the teacher, was not happy about Sam being transferred to their side. She called the person who made that decision a moron, 'cause they totally underestimated the female prisoners. Like, these ladies can be just as cunning and violent as the guys, okay?

Now, let's get to the night of Sam's death. It was intense, to say the least. Cherry pulled off this whole appendicitis act, screaming and squirming to catch Sam's attention. And guess what? It worked! Sam was told to take her to the infirmary, but as soon as they were under the staircase where the cameras couldn't see them, sh*t went down.

Cherry had hidden a pencil in her hair, like some next-level stuff. And she had a message for Sam, saying, "My friends say hello." And then, bam! She stabbed him repeatedly in the neck until he died. Like, who does that? It's messed up, right?

But wait, there's more. Cherry even framed Sam for r*pe. Can you believe it? She wanted to make him pay, but the prison guards didn't buy her story. So they brought in Miriam, hoping she could save Sam's reputation and help his family get his pension and stuff. But Cherry, man, she had no remorse. She kept insisting that she killed Sam 'cause he r*ped her. But you could hear it in her voice, the hatred for him was deeper than that. Miriam could see right through her.

Watch: Mayor of Kingstown | Season 2 Official Trailer | Paramount+

Natasha Marc, the actress who played Cherry, deserves a standing ovation, for sure. She's a talented American actress, known for her role as Tasha in the 2010 movie Kiss The Bride. And let me tell you, she nailed it as Cherry in Mayor of Kingstown. But that's not all, she's had some other impressive roles on the big screen. She played Pie in The Good Lord Bird and Giselle in The Deadliest Lie, just to name a few. This girl's got serious talent, and she brought Cherry to life in the most chilling and captivating way possible.

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