Mary Wiseman’s Weight Gain: Is Tilly Pregnant in Real Life? Star Trek Cast’s Weight Gain Story!

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Mary Wiseman’s Weight Gain: Is Tilly Pregnant in Real Life? Star Trek Cast's Weight Gain Story!

Mary Wiseman’s weight gain has become a major topic online. There were also whispers that the actress might be expecting a child. She put on a few pounds between seasons, which led to speculation when some Star Trek: Discovery viewers noticed and wondered if Tilly is pregnant in real life. Mary Wiseman claims that she wants to inspire all the curvy women around the world with her Star Trek weight gain story.

American actress Mary Wiseman was born on July 30, 1985. She is most recognized for her roles in the science fiction drama series Star Trek: Discovery on Paramount+, where she first played Cadet, then Ensign, and finally Lieutenant Sylvia Tilly.

Wiseman, who has three older brothers, is the youngest child of Dorothy and Kevin Wiseman. She was raised in Gaithersburg, Maryland, and Milford, Pennsylvania. Wiseman participated in the high school outreach program at the DC Shakespeare Theatre.

After completing her high school education at Quince Orchard in 2003, she attended Boston University to obtain a BFA in theatre arts. Between 2011 through 2015, she continued her education at the Juilliard School’s Drama Division, where Mary Chieffo, a future cast member of Star Trek: Discovery, was a fellow student.

With the teaser release of Star Trek Season 5, fans online seem pretty hyped for the upcoming season and are paying special attention to the cast and every detail about the show. So, Mary Wiseman is also in the spotlight right now as she is on the cast of Star Trek and according to fans online she seems to have gained weight recently. Read this article to know all about Mary Wiseman’s weight gain.

Mary Wiseman’s Weight Gain: Star Trek Cast’s Weight Gain Story Inspires Women All Around the World; Fans Online Suspect She Had a Baby!

Mary Wiseman‘s (@morywise) weight gain has become a hot topic online. Additionally, there were rumors regarding the actress’s potential pregnancy. She gained a few pounds between seasons, which sparked rumors when some Star Trek: Discovery fans noticed. They made harsh remarks about her body and labeled her as an advocate of a bad diet. However, the online community was ready to defend her and stop the disparaging comments.

Wiseman said in a Forbes interview that she wants to use her position to empower those who have experienced bullying and body shaming. Wiseman claims she is very protective of her character and is really proud of her work. She is aware of the effect it has on viewers when a woman with a full figure succeeds on Discovery. She stated:

Especially my curvy women out there who like to watch another full-figured, obese, curvy, chunky lady get to feel powerful and use her bulk to command authority.

Wiseman has received a flood of support from her followers and coworkers, including fellow Star Trek performer Kate Mulgrew, despite the unfavorable publicity. She tweeted about Wiseman’s Forbes interview stating:

I saw the @Forbes article on Mary Wiseman @may_wise clearly killing it onscreen & off in #StarTrekDiscovery. Happy to have your wit, enthusiasm, & talent as part of the franchise. I know a thing or two about “haters”-pay no mind. You’re perfect as you are.

Mary Wiseman made a comeback in the season four finale Coming Home as Lt. Tilly, a Starfleet Academy leader coordinating the evacuation and defense of Earth on Federation HQ with cadets and Admiral Vance. Wiseman discusses Tilly’s evolution in a featurette on the episode’s production that was released on Paramount+. In the interview, she stated:

Coming back for the finale was really exciting for me because she comes back in this fully black Starfleet suit. She’s changed. And to get to see that visually, that was a very gratifying moment for me to see, ‘Okay, somebody different showed up.’

There are widespread speculations regarding her pregnancy weight gain. People online are questioning whether Tilly is pregnant in real life. The rumor doesn’t seem to be true. Mary Wiseman isn’t carrying a baby. Nowhere can we discover any hints about that. Even when we look at her photo on social media accounts, there is no sign of a baby bump whatsoever.

People began making thoughtless remarks about her body and accusing her of leading an unhealthy lifestyle. She radiates happiness and confidence with her appearance, showing that she isn’t reserved and has no regrets. She says her goal is to promote body positivity.

She asserts that she wants to defy the beauty standards that society has placed on women’s bodies by using the television program to represent all curvaceous women around the world and sure indeed the Star Trek weight gain story made many women feel comfortable in their own bodies.

Mary Wiseman is doing really well in her efforts to spread body positivity, and she now has a sizable fan base behind her that defends her against all the negative comments online.

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