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Marina Abramovic Religion: Is She Really a Satanist?

Sep 26, 2023 @ 3:01 EDT
Marina Abramovic Religion: Is She Really a Satanist?

Marina Abramovic has never addressed following a particular religion. And she denies the allegations of being a Satanist. However, she has previously followed the religious beliefs of Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, and Australian Aboriginal for her artwork.

Marina Abramovic is a well-known Serbian-born performance artist who is widely regarded as one of the most influential and visionary artists in contemporary art, especially in the field of performance art.

Her work frequently involves straining one's physical and mental limits while examining themes of endurance, agony, and the limits of human experience. Some of her most well-known and contentious works include The Artist Is Present, a 2010 performance where she sat in silence and made eye contact with viewers for hours at a time, and Rhythm 0, a 1974 performance in which she allowed the audience to use various objects on her body, including a loaded gun.

In recent years, a group of right-wing internet users and blogs have accused Marina Abramovic of being involved in a Satanist cult after she was featured in a Microsoft advertisement. As a result, many people have been curious to know what religion she follows. Well, we've got you covered.

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What Religion Does Marina Abramovic Follow?

Marina Abramovic's religion has been a subject of concern for many people as many people have been accusing her of following Satanism in recent years. In the final weeks of the 2016 election, Abramovi first caught the attention of the internet shortly after a Wikileaks release of emails from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta revealed a mention of a "Spirit Cooking" dinner with the artist.

In 1997, Abramovic created a multimedia work called Spirit Cooking. The artwork includes white gallery walls with "enigmatically violent recipe instructions" painted in pig's blood. Alexxa Gotthardt, Spirit Cooking is "a comment on humanity's reliance on ritual to organize and legitimize our lives and contain our bodies"

Even though people were not concerned about it at the time, many of them started accusing Marina of being a Satanist in 2016, after she had dinner with John Podesta during the Clinton campaign.

However, Marina Abramovic took no time to deny the allegations. She said,

Anybody who wants can read my memoirs and find out that [my work] is far away from Satanism…. My work is really more about spirituality and not anything else. I’ve been doing my work for so long, and this is a misunderstanding.

Marina claims to be far away from Satanism. However, we're unaware of what religion she follows as well. She has never ever mentioned following a particular religion.

Marina Abramovic does not appear to follow a specific religion. blurred-reality.comMarina Abramovic does not appear to follow a specific religion.
Image Source: Shutterstock

On the other hand, we can assume Marina does not believe in following a particular religion. In the past, she has practiced religious beliefs of Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, and Australian Aboriginal for her artwork.

Know About Marina Abramovic’s Early Life!

Marina Abramovic was born on November 30, 1946, in Belgrade, Yugoslavia (now Serbia), to a family steeped in the region's cultural and political scene. Danica Rosic and Vojin Abramovic, her parents, were both renowned Yugoslav Partisans during World War II, so Marina was introduced to the ideals of communism and activism at a young age, which would later impact her art.

Marina Abramovic was born into a military family. blurred-reality.comMarina Abramovic was born into a military family.
Image Source: Instagram

Abramovi's childhood in post-war Yugoslavia was impacted by the complicated dynamics of her family. Her emotional growth was negatively impacted by her parents' turbulent marriage, which ended in divorce when she was just six years old.

Despite these difficulties, she was raised by her grandmother, a devoted Orthodox Christian who exposed her to the traditions and spirituality of the Serbian Orthodox Church. During her early years, her interest in art began to take shape.

She studied painting at the Belgrade Academy of Fine Arts, although she later became more interested in performance art. Her early works frequently fused traditional artistic components with avant-garde performance, demonstrating her intention to deviate from the rules of conventional painting and sculpture.

Marina Abramovic became a trailblazing figure in the performance art world in the early 1970s, becoming known for her provocative and cutting-edge works. In Rhythm 10 in 1973, one of her first and most well-known performances, she used a number of knives to play a rhythmic and risky game that examined the connection between pain, danger, and artistic expression.

And the rest is history. She is now regarded as one of the greatest conceptual and performance artists of all time.

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