Contestants of Love Is Blind Minneapolis: Who Are Participating?

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Contestants of Love Is Blind Minneapolis: Who Are Participating? The potential cast of Love Is Blind held in the City of Lakes has already been made public. Many people claim they know who is participating in the show. However, no names have been revealed to the public for legal reasons.

Love is Blind’s dramatic sixth season will conclude on Wednesday, March 6, exclusively on Netflix. With only a few couples remaining, rumors are already circulating about who will marry and who will be heartbroken.

For your context, the show depicts a sociological experiment in which unmarried men and women become engaged behind closed doors before meeting in person. The debut season premiered in Atlanta in 2020. Seasons after this focused on the following cities: Charlotte, North Carolina (Season 6), Houston, Texas (Season 5), Seattle (Season 4)Dallas (Season 3), and Chicago (Season 2). On the other hand, the show has already been renewed for Season 7 and it’s been reported that it will be held in Washington D.C.

Meanwhile, the production company of the show, Kinetic Content, has already announced casting calls for many cities, including Minnesota. Even though most things remain under wrap at the moment, many people have recently confirmed that one of the seasons is being filmed in Minneapolis. Along with different locations in the city, some have even leaked the potential participants of the show held in the city. Well, let’s discuss it in detail.

Love Is Blind: People Are Not Ready to Reveal the New Participants for Legal Reasons

A lot of people have confirmed that a new season of Love Is Blind is currently being filmed in Minneapolis, however, the cast has not been leaked so far. 

A girl who goes by the username (@hopeyoufindyourdad) has posted multiple videos about the show being filmed in the City of Lakes and knowing some of the boys personally. Most recently, she posted a video in which she talked about a boy she was formerly in a relationship with and how he treated her like “human garbage.”

Even though she didn’t take the name because of “legal reasons,” she did ask every girl participating in the show to avoid him. Along with her former boyfriend, she also claimed to know other boys who, according to her, participated in the Netflix show just for fame and exposure rather than having the intention of finding true love.

While she didn’t reveal any of the names, many people in the comment section are convinced that the former boyfriend she was talking about is a boy named Ben Mezzenga.

Meanwhile, here is how some people have taken to social media to confirm that a new season is being filmed in one of the twin cities.

One person wrote,

Yep they filmed last night at Ace bridge in north loop! My sister was their server!!! She used the gold cups!!

Similarly, another wrote,

Yesss they were filming at Brick and Mortar in north loop not long ago. My mom does business with them.

One person even claimed to know the participants:

i’m new here and i already know someone who is in that season😅

Well, the new season of the show is already exciting the fans and it seems it will be the most dramatic season. We also believe the new faces will be made public soon. Stay tuned with us as we cannot wait to provide you updates about the new season.

One Reddit User Says the City Is So Small That a Local Will Recognize Everyone Who Participated in the Show

The potential filming of the reality dating show in Minneapolis is taking all over Reddit as a user claims that the city is so small that everyone will recognize who participates in the show. 

Reddit also confirms that a new season of Love Is Blind is being filmed in Minneapolis. blurred-reality.comReddit also confirms that a new season of LIB is being filmed in Minneapolis. 
Image Source: Netflix

In a Reddit discussion, the user wrote,

Minneapolis is small. Lots of people will know someone who knows someone. So I’m sure if you’re a local it’ll be easy to find out things. Also, MPR posted a reel on insta about the places that could be getting filmed. Edit: probably the same vid you’re referring to

In the same comment, another user replied,

Yes! Even if they put in St. Paul, etc etc it’s still sooo small. And even with the huge influx of PNW people to that area over the last few years. Too small of a population.

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