Types of Ghost in Lockwood and Co: Learn About Them in Detail!

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Types of Ghost in Lockwood and Co: Learn About Them in Detail!

Lockwood and Co. on Netflix describes three types of ghosts, from the least dangerous to the most powerful with Type One being the most common and Type Three being the most powerful and rare. Similarly, Type Two are the most dangerous because they return to the world of the living, are aware of humans, and intentionally harm them. 

Lockwood and Co., a Netflix supernatural thriller, follows the story of three teenagers who run a ghost-hunting agency. Lucy Carlyle, the story’s protagonist, arrives in London to escape her past and meets two boys, Lockwood and George. They take on some difficult cases together, which leads them to more mysteries about their world and the secrets it holds.

The series, adapted for the screen by Joe Cornish, is set in a world that looks similar to ours but differs in many ways. For one thing, Lucy’s world is infested with ghosts, and ghost-hunting is their most important job. It is based on Jonathan Stroud‘s book series of the same name. Stroud had the idea for this story while experimenting with an idea for his new novel. He has revealed that he frequently begins with two characters and creates a conversation between them, which gives him an idea for a new story.

After experimenting with various scenarios, he came up with just a boy and a girl walking up to the door of a house, knocking on the door; they’re going in to deal with a ghost. Yes, several types of them are featured in the show. So, if you are curious to know about the types of ghosts in the series, here is everything you need to know!

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Lockwood and Co. Ghost Types: The Netflix Series Describes Three Types of Ghosts, From the Least Dangerous to the Most Powerful; Type One, Type Two, and Type Three!

In Lockwood and Co., the adaption of  Jonathan Stroud‘s book series of the same name, ghosts are classified into three types. Type One is the weakest and most easily eliminated. They don’t have any special abilities. Nonetheless, they are dangerous enough to kill someone with a single touch. Its sub-types are Shades, Lurkers, Stalkers, Cold Maidens, Floating Brides, Glimmers, Pale Stenches, Stone Knockers, and Tom O’Shadows.

Type Three is the most powerful and, due to its scarcity, is not of general concern. In fact, no one has ever reported seeing one, with the exception of Marissa Fittes, the founder of Fittes Agency. Its sub-types are Spectres, Phantasms, Wraiths, Dark Spectres, Fetches, Limbless, Poltergeists, Raw-Bones, and Shining Boys.

Likewise, Type Two ghosts are far more powerful than Type I. They can not only kill someone with their touch, but they can also take control of anyone. This is known as being ghost locked. When this happens, a person’s senses become uncontrollable. They cannot think or move and have no control over their actions. Ezekiel, the Skull were the only Type Threes known to exist.

Ghosts can make them do anything in this state. In most cases, a person is forced to stand still while the ghost kills them. Other times, they may force a person to commit suicide by jumping out a window or into a well. Lucy walks into a hospital wing with many ghost-locked children and no treatment in sight for them, confirming that this is a widespread problem.

Meanwhile, Ghosts are not only real in the world of Netflix series but they are also the most dangerous thing to come across. Because their mere touch can kill a person, it is critical for people to avoid them as much as possible. In fact, things have gotten so bad that a curfew has been imposed to keep people at home at night when the ghosts are said to be the most powerful. Adults established the rules in this world, but they are not the ones who are equipped with fighting them.

Early in the show, it is revealed that not everyone is born with the ability to detect ghosts. By touching, hearing, or seeing things, these people can sense the presence of a spirit in the same room. It’s something you’re born with. So, if a child lacks any of the three abilities, they will have to go through life never seeing any of them. However, this does not mean they are immune to being harmed by ghosts. Even if you can’t see them, evil spirits can be just as dangerous.

Children born with the ability are brought forward by their parents, who enroll them in a training school where they learn ghost hunting. Their abilities are honed; they are taught how to fight the ghosts, keep them at bay, and, better yet, find their source and destroy them once and for all.

All of these children are being trained by adults who used to be ghost hunters. This talent is passed down to those who have it so that they can save lives and make the world a better place. While different children may exhibit different talents on different levels, one thing remains constant for all of them.

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