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Leslie Sbrocco

Jul 24, 2021 @ 21:41 EDT
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Leslie Sbrocco Biography | Husband, 100 Days, Age, Married, Net Worth, Wikipedia, Sister

Leslie Sbrocco is an award-winning author, lecturer, advisor, and television host noted for her engaging style of wine and food, as well as for influencing others to live a life of purpose.

Wiki, Bio, Biography

Leslie Sbrocco is a leading wine and cuisine specialist in the United States. Leslie weaves up the worlds of wine, cuisine, and adventure in a delectable way as an Emmy-winning PBS TV personality, a fixture on NBC's Today program, an in-demand inspirational speaker, award-winning writer, advisor, and wine assessor.

100 Days, Drinks, Dishes, and Destinations

Wine expert Leslie Sbrocco's culinary excursion show 100 Days, Drinks, Dishes & Destinations sees her travel around the globe with glass and spoon in hand.

She partakes in delicacies, discovering local meetups, meeting skilled artisans, and attending both up-and-coming and widely praised restaurants, wineries, and breweries.


Leslie Sbrocco was born on 16th November 1963, which makes her 57 years old as of July 2021.

Husband, Married

Leslie Sbrocco prepares Christmas meals when she is not traveling. Her husband, Leonard, is Italian, and when they got married, her mother-in-law taught her how to cook the classic Christmas Eve ravioli.

The Sbroccos' daughter Grace, 22, and son Dominic, 14 are both involved in the process. They spread out the dough together and stuff the pockets with a blend of veal, pig, spinach, and Italian cheese.


Leslie Sbrocco is an American by nationality.

Net Worth

Leslie Sbrocco's net worth is estimated at $100,000.


Sbrocco does not have an official Wikipedia page yet.


Leslie Sbrocco stands at a height of 5 feet 10 inches tall.


When it comes to her family, Leslie has got four siblings, which include one brother, who is the second oldest.

Her eldest sister lives in France and has five children of her own. Sadly, her middle sister died of cancer a few years ago. Her younger sister is currently in San Francisco. They're a close-knit family.

Maiden Name

Her full name is Leslie Sbrocco.


Sbrocco attended Boston University and then Washington University in St. Louis after finishing high school. She relocated to San Francisco with the intention of attending law school and eventually becoming an attorney.

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