Konerak Sinthasomphone’s Skull: The Untold Truth; Hydrochloric Acid, Autopsy Report & More!

Owen Weimann

Konerak Sinthasomphone's Skull: The Untold Truth; Hydrochloric Acid, Autopsy Report & More!

Jeffrey Dahmer drugged Konerak Sinthasomphone and drilled a hole in his skull before killing the boy. He diluted the 14-year-old boy and injected hydrochloric acid into the boy’s brain while he was unconscious to generate a zombie-like state. After Konerak died, the autopsy reports suggested that his skull had multiple holes in it. Similarly, Jeffrey performed the same to some of his other victims as well.

It doesn’t take a Ryan Murphy authority to see why Jeffrey Dahmer appeals to him as a drama subject. The nature of Dahmer’s particularly horrible acts, most of which are meticulously portrayed in Netflix‘s Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, made him an international sensation once he was captured in 1991.

Afterward, the media and public had absorbed John Wayne Gacy‘s twisted horror and snacked themselves on Ted Bundy‘s horrible story from every perspective, particularly the ones that made cameras love his face.

Dahmer, on the other hand, was a serial killer cannibal whose ordinary look allowed him to attract Milwaukee cops. The most famous scene in Monster is re-enacted by two officers summoned by Dahmer’s concerned neighbor Glenda Cleveland, who discovers a dazed 14-year-old Konerak Sinthasomphone outside their apartment building after the youngster escaped Dahmer.

However, when cops arrived, Dahmer convinced them that Sinthasomphone was his boyfriend and that he was just drunk. However, it was later discovered that Konerak was also one of his victims who was firstly killed and dismembered by Jeffrey. Similarly, the Netflix show also shows that the 14-year-old’s skull was used in his experiment. Well, let’s find out about it in detail.

Konerak Sinthasomphone’s Skull Was Filled With Hydrochloric Acid Before He Was Murdered by Jeffrey Dahmer: How Did Konerak Die? Why Did Jeffrey Do Those Experiments on His Victims? Autopsy Report Examined!

Perverted serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer used to drill holes in his victims’ skulls while they were still alive and poured acid on their brains in a twisted attempt to turn them into zombie slaves. Similarly, Konerak Sinthasomphone was his youngest victim, and before the monster killed and mutilated him, he had hydrochloric acid pumped into his frontal lobe.

Konerak Sinthasomphone, 14, was drugged while visiting Dahmer’s apartment. Later, he put diluted acid into the boy’s brain while he was unconscious after drilling a hole in his skull. He then left his apartment to go to a pub and get more drinks, but when he returned, the boy passed out and escaped onto the street.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the teen was naked, battered, bleeding, and heavily drugged when he was able to escape Dahmer’s residence. However, when the cops arrived, Dahmer convinced them that Sinthasomphone was his boyfriend and that he was simply hungover. The boy was later discovered dead with a drill in his skull.

The frontal parts of the skulls that were discovered in his possession had multiple holes punched into them, according to an autopsy. Jeffrey later informed the court that after being drugged, he would drill a little hole in the skulls of some of his victims just enough to allow a passageway to the brain. Likewise, he also stated that he would then inject hydrochloric acid into their brains to generate a zombie-like state.

Konerak Sinthasomphone’s family later sued the city and three police officers, including two who were fired as a result of the event. The third officer, a rookie, was sentenced to one year of probation. The claim sought specific financial damages. Similarly, it was later revealed that Dahmer had performed a similar twisted experiment on Errol Lindsey, 19, whom he had invited back to his flat in April 1991. The teenager was the first of Dahmer’s 17 victims to be experimented on as part of his sadistic fantasies of turning the males he met into zombie slaves.

In his evil attempt to have complete control over his victims, the serial killer drilled into Errol’s skull and injected hydrochloric acid into the hole while he was heavily intoxicated. But the horrifying experiment brought the unconscious teenager awakened before he could say anything.

Lindsey made a full recovery, forcing Dahmer to drug him further in order to restrain him before strangling and flaying his corpse in order to keep his skin. He then beheaded his skull to retain as a sick trophy, but he was forced to dispose of his remains when his attempts to preserve his skin failed because it became too torn and inflexible.

Between 1978 and 1991, the brutal serial killer murdered 17 young boys and men, many of them were murdered at his apartment in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Meanwhile, he would cut up most of his victims and freeze body pieces as twisted souvenirs, even consuming bits of flesh to satisfy his perverted desires.

Likewise, Dahmer would lure his victims back to his flat, almost always from ethnic minority or LGBT communities, frequently offering to compensate them in exchange for nude images. Although Milwaukee Cannibal’s crimes are well-documented, some of the details of his horrific murders remain shocking to this day.

Dahmer was finally arrested in July 1991, but not before he had murdered four more people. After being imprisoned for life at Wisconsin’s Columbia Correctional Institution in February 1992, he was murdered by a fellow inmate Christopher Scarver, who was in prison for murder at the time. He strangled Dahmer to death with a metal bar, and a piece of exercise equipment on November 28, 1994.

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