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Journey From Love on the Spectrum: Instagram, Reddit & Date – Journey from Love on the Spectrum is currently 18 years old and is a pastry student. She can be found on Instagram at (@jor.ney). Meanwhile, we have found that some Reddit users are unhappy with her dates on the show. Well, here is everything you need to know about her.

Love on the Spectrum US season 2 has finally arrived on Netflix. This season, we follow a group of new faces on the autism spectrum who look for their special someone. Abbey, Steve, Dani, and James, who were fan favorites in the first season, also return to share their experience.

At the end of season one, only Abbey and Subodh had found love. David asked Abbey to be his girlfriend, and she said yes; Subodh asked Rachel the same question, and she also said yes. However, by 2024, only Abbey and David are still together. Subodh and Rachel split ways in 2022.

Journey, one of the newcomers, has been a subject of discussion among many viewers. People want to know more about her, including her Instagram handle. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Everything About Journey From Love on the Spectrum: Instagram, Profession, Family & More!

Journey, who was diagnosed with autism just a year before appearing on Love on the Spectrum, feels that her diagnosis has helped her learn and understand more about herself. She was 17 years old when she found out about her medical condition. She is currently 18 years old and lives in Chicago with her mom, dad, and brother.

As for her profession, she is only focused on her education at the moment. She is a pastry school student. She can be found on Instagram at (@jor.ney) where she has over 1700 followers. Her Instagram is filled with all the yummy delicacies she prepared as a pastry student.

18-year-old Journey identifies herself as a lesbian. blurred-reality.com18-year-old Journey identifies herself as a lesbian.
Image Source: Instagram

Despite having never been on a date or in a relationship, Journey is anxious to begin seeking love and is only interested in dating women. Journey, who identifies as a lesbian, even says at one point, “You know, I never thought a man really ever looked that good.”

Journey revealed that she never officially told her parents she was a lesbian. Surprisingly, they never made it difficult for her when she finally expressed her feelings. One day, she simply told her parents that she liked a girl, and their cool response made things much simpler for her. Whether it was friends or family, her loved ones never made her feel out of place or unusual, regardless of her medical condition or sexuality.

As for her time in Love on the Spectrum, Journey and Talia had an instant connection when they first met. They found themselves in agreement on a variety of topics, ranging from a shared interest in flora to similar perspectives on relationships. Both were looking for a long-term relationship and a companion with whom they could laugh and share a wonderful sense of humor.

Although it appeared that things were heating up between them, they decided to stop seeing each other after the show concluded. Still, Journey is pleased to have finally put herself out there and gained some dating experience. Her love journey is far from done, and she is still looking for the right person. We hope she finds her date soon.

Reddit Discusses Journey’s Personality & Her Dates on Love on the Spectrum!

Many Reddit users are unhappy with Journey's dates on Love on the Spectrum. blurred-reality.comMany Reddit users are unhappy with Journey’s dates on Love on the Spectrum.
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Among all the Love on the Spectrum US cast, it seems most people are huge fans of Journey, especially because of her personality. Many Reddit users have taken it to a Reddit discussion to appreciate her kindness. One person wrote,

What an absolute gem of a human. I also loved her siblings being so supportive (as were most siblings in this season) and how brave she was despite feeling nervous. Absolutely cheering for Journey!

Another wrote,

I absolutely adore her. She’s my fav this season. I wish they’d pick matches closer to her age though.

On the other hand, some Reddit users were concerned that the show did an injustice to Journey, who is still a teenager, by setting up her with older women. One user expressed,

they needed to stop pairing her with these older women, especially the late 20s lesbian “with experience”. and i’m not even sure they were on the spectrum.