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Is Jordan Spieth’s Wife Pregnant Again? Is Annie Spieth Expecting? Instagram Update!

Apr 9, 2023 @ 4:10 EDT
Is Jordan Spieth’s Wife Pregnant Again? Is Annie Spieth Expecting? Instagram Update!

Looking at the pictures Jordan Spieth recently posted on his Instagram, many people believe his wife, Annie Spieth, is pregnant again. They believe she has a baby bump. However, the couple has yet to announce if they are expecting their second child.

Currently ranked 16 in World Golf Ranking, Jordan Spieth has recently been making headlines at the 87th Masters. From hitting a flop shot to stealing the show with his one-year-old son, Sammy, he has been one of the most popular names in the gold world in recent years.

Spieth won his first major win in the 2015 Masters Tournament. He also became the second-youngest golfer (after Woods) to win the Masters and matched the 72-hole record set by Tiger Woods in 1997. He subsequently finished with a 5-under-par score to win the 2015 U.S. Open. He won the U.S. Open at the youngest age since amateur Bobby Jones in 1923. He won the 2015 Tour Championship as a result, securing the FedEx Cup for the year.

As mentioned earlier, Jordan Spieth and his son stole the show with their cutest moments in the field. However, the appearance of his wife, Annie Spieth, didn't go unnoticed. Many people wonder if she is pregnant again as they believe they saw a baby bump even though she was wearing a full Masters tracksuit. Well, let's find out if the couple is expecting their second child.

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Fans Claim Jordan Spieth’s Wife, Annie Spieth, Is Pregnant Again & Respecting Their Second Child as an Instagram Post Hints She Has a Baby Bump!

As of this writing, we are unaware if Jordan Spieth's wife, Annie Spieth, is pregnant again. The couple has not made any statements about if they are expecting their second child. Everything started when his wife as well as his son recently appeared in the 87th Masters. While Annie was wearing a full Masters tracksuit, people believe she wanted to hide the baby bump. Similarly, an Instagram user also commented something similar when Jordan posted pictures of the same day. The user commented,

Do I see a baby bump #2?

A few other users also replied to the comment saying they too believe Jordan Smith and his wife are soon going to give birth to their second baby. In fact, one person even said that she is already in her 5th month of pregnancy. However, all of the given information has yet to be confirmed as the couple has not made any announcement yet. We might soon get the good news if the rumor is true.

Jordan Spieth with his wife, Annie Spieth, and son, Sammy.

Jordan Spieth with his wife, Annie Spieth, and son, Sammy.
Source: Golfweek

Dating since they were in high school in Texas, Jordan Spieth (@jordanspieth) and his wife, Annie Verret, got married in 2018. Verret, a former event coordinator, has supported her husband throughout his rise through the golf rankings, from his choice to become pro in 2012 while a student at the University of Texas to his first Masters victory in 2015. Late in 2017, Spieth proposed, and the two got married less than a year later.

Jordan Spieth and his wife have been together since high school.

Jordan Spieth and his wife have been together since high school.
Source: New York Post.

The couple kept their marriage a secret, but the athlete revealed that he and Verret were expecting their first child in September 2021.

We weren’t, like, hiding it or anything like that. It was just more private life. Yeah, [we’re] very excited. She feels great, that’s the No. 1 priority and everything’s going smoothly.

Despite the fact that Verret frequently watches Spieth play, the golfer claims that his wife "never comments" on his playing, with the exception of one noteworthy piece of advice she offered him prior to his victory at the RBC Heritage competition in April 2022. He explained,

[She said], ‘You need to take 5 seconds if you miss a putt before you hit your tap-in. There [were] a couple times I was just going to rake it, and I was like, ‘No, I’ve got to take 5 seconds.’ I’m just glad it didn’t end up affecting it all, to be honest. Just made it a little more exciting at the end.

Despite his success, Spieth has been open about the reality that golf is truly not his first focus. During a press conference in 2017, he said that his family tops the list of his priority, He stated,

My faith and then my family, and then after that, this is what I love to do. [Golf is] not No. 1 in my life. And I’ll have a family of my own someday and … golf will be fourth.

Clearly, Jordan Spieth and his wife, Annie Spieth, are living a life filled with happiness and joy. It would be exciting to see them giving birth to their second child. W hope Annie is pregnant again and the couple soon announces it publicly.

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