Jonah Hill’s Girlfriend/Wife in 2023: The You People Cast Is Dating Oliver Miller After Splitting With Sarah Brady!

Anup Jung Pandey

Jonah Hill’s Girlfriend/Wife in 2023: The You People Cast Is Dating Oliver Miller After Splitting With Sarah Brady!

Jonah Hill, the leading cast of Netflix’s You People, is dating his girlfriend, Olivia Miller, in 2023. The couple was spotted together for the first time in August 2022. Previously, the 39-year-old was dating Sarah Miller. However, we’ve no idea about the reason behind their split. And we hope we get to see Jonah and Olivia as a husband and a wife very soon.

You People is a Netflix romantic comedy movie that Kenya Barris (Black-ish) co-wrote and directed. It depicts the romance of black Muslim woman Amira Mohammed and white Jewish guy Ezra Cohen. Their vastly dissimilar families and cultural upbringings, however, have an impact on the couple’s intentions to get married.

Fortunately for potential viewers, this so-called love story turns out to be an epic comedy about a culture clash. Although the concept of this narrative may be relatively well known, the all-star cast is what really makes You People stand out. Oscar nominee Jonah Hill, Emmy-winning Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and one of the all-time great comedians, Eddie Murphy, are the stars of the film.

On the other hand, many people have been curious to know who Jonah Hill is currently dating as the reports suggest that he is in an open relationship. Well, here is everything you need to know about Honah’s girlfriend.

Jonah Hill’s Girlfriend/Wife: The You People Cast Is Dating Olivia Miller in 2023!

Jonah Hill has maintained a low profile during his years in the public eye, but he has nonetheless been connected to a number of women, whether it was for a quick fling or a committed relationship. As of 2023, the You People cast is dating his girlfriend, Olivia Miller. We can confirm the news because the couple is open about their relationship.

On August 28, the 39-year-old actor was spotted in Malibu, California, spending the day with Olivia for the first time. They were seen holding hands and kissing in the water as they strolled down the beach together. Jonah went swimming in red trunks and a white button-up shirt. In case you don’t know, she is the co-founder of the online vintage store, Chasseresse, and the sister of the model, Raychel Roberts.

Before Olivia, Jonah Hill was in a relationship with, Sarah Brady (@sarahhbrady), a surf instructor. By posting a photo of him and Sarah to social media in September 2021, the couple officially announced their relationship. A few months ago, reports surfaced that they had gotten engaged while on vacation in Hawaii, and Jonah addressed that the rumors were false on his Instagram. He wrote, “The rumors are not true. I am engaged. But not to my girlfriend. I am engaged to your mom. I know this is shocking but please respect our privacy at this time.”

While we don’t know when Jonah and Sarah split or the reason behind it, we’re shocked that he took no time before moving to his next relationship. Anyway, we wish Jonah and his girlfriend all the best in their upcoming endeavors. We hope we get to see them getting married as well, It would be nice to see Jonah having a wife and permanent supporter by his side.

Is You People on Netflix Based on a Real Story?

No, You People is not based on a real story, despite the fact that it contains real-world details. The movie was created by Kenya Barris from a storyline that he and Jonah Hill wrote. Barris told Complex about his collaboration with Hill:

It was great. He’s so funny. And he’s been in that [Judd] Apatow camp, in the [Adam] McKay camp, and all those camps. He’s a comedy genius and we have really, really, really leaned into like, for us, like let’s just try to push this, and let’s try to make something that feels new and fresh and it feels like takes off from where those guys were at. And now speaks to more where we want to be at.

Hill had long been a favorite of Barris’, who revealed as much to The Hollywood Reporter. The Black-ish creator thought Mid90s, Hill’s first feature film, was fantastic. They started exchanging texts about their shared love of movies and their wish to do something fun together.

The script’s creation was significantly influenced by Hill’s romance with a woman of Cuban nationality during this time. Additionally, You People is a “love letter” to Los Angeles and the diverse culture that is present there. Barris thought that the movie would make this point clear.

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