Jillian Harris’ Plastic Surgery: The Canadian Star Is Open About Her Cosmetic Treatment!

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Jillian Harris’ Plastic Surgery: The Canadian Star Is Open About Her Cosmetic Treatment!

When it comes to plastic surgery, Jillian Harris previously opened up about receiving a nose job (rhinoplasty) in 2012 as a lot of people teased her about having a “hot dog nose.” The 43-year-old Canadian star even claims to be happy with her decision. However, Jillian has neither accepted nor denied receiving any other cosmetic treatments.

Jillian Harris first rose to fame as a contestant on the thirteenth season of the reality dating show, The Bachelor, where she was one of 25 women vying for the heart of bachelor Jason Mesnick. Although she finished as the runner-up, she was a fan favorite and went on to star in the fifth season of the spin-off show, The Bachelorette.

Harris is also a successful interior designer and runs her own design firm, Jillian Harris Design. She has released several books on home design, including Jillian Harris: Canada and Jillian Harris: Heart of the Home. Later, Harris also went on to appear as a designer on the HGTV series Love It or List It Vancouver, as well as hosting the Canadian home renovation show, Canada’s Handyman Challenge.

Recently, many people believe Jillian Harris looks a little different these days. Comparing her before and after pictures, her face allegedly does not look the same anymore. As a result, many people wonder if she ever underwent plastic surgery. Well, let’s find it out.

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Jillian Harris’ Plastic Surgery: The 43-Year-Old Star Previously Admitted to Receiving Plastic Surgery After She Was Bullied for Her Nose!

Comparing her recent pictures from the tie she made her first appearance on TV, it’s true that Jillian Harris‘ (@jillian.harris) appearance has changed a lot. In fact, we believe she looks more beautiful these days. However, fans claim that she might have undergone plastic surgery to enhance her beauty. And yes, they’re correct.

Jillian Harris before and after plastic surgery.

Jillian Harris before and after plastic surgery.
Source: Yahoo

The 43-year-old previously admitted to receiving a nose job (rhinoplasty) after being told she had a “hot dog nose,” was fat, ugly, and stupid. In a blog post published on her site entitled, ’10 things I learnt from reality TV’, Harris felt no animosity against the perpetrators of the vile internet insults. She wrote,

Some people are mean. I’ve found the best way to cope with this is to just feel sorry for them. Think about it…how many emotionally wonderful people will jump onto the old world wide web and lash out at someone they have never met? Not many. So if someone says your [sic] fat, have a hot dog nose (yes this happened, and yes I got a nose job because of it) choose the route of empathy instead of anger.

According to an interview she gave to the reality TV website, WetPaint, Jillian Harris underwent plastic surgery in 2012. Her prior fractured nose was another reason why she underwent the surgery. She also claimed to be happy with her decision and thanked the doctors. She said,

It was a personal decision and it’s my choice and I’m extremely, extremely happy about it. I wanted it to still look like me. [My doctor] did a really great job.

On the other hand, some of her fans believe Jillian Harris has had more plastic surgery procedures. However, Jillian has chosen to remain silent about all the allegations. We’ll certainly get back to you as soon as we get any updates about her possible cosmetic treatments.

As of this writing, Jillian Harris is in a committed relationship with her husband, Justin Pasutto, whom she has been with since 2016. They got engaged in December 2016. They gave birth to their first child, a son named Leo in August 2016. After the birth, Jillian wrote,

I have dreamed for years of being a mama … thought about how I would tell people … how I would feel … what kind of mom I would be.

Jillian Harris with her family.

Jillian Harris with her family.
Source: US Weekly

In less than 2 years, Harris and Pasutto welcomed their daughter, Annie, in September 2018. The couple has been known to frequently share photos of their family on social media, often showcasing their love for each other and their children. Harris has also been open about the ups and downs of their relationship, sharing on her blog and social media the challenges they have faced and how they have worked through them together.

Thus, the family of 4 has been really enjoying their time together. It is important to note that relationship statuses can change over time and that information beyond my knowledge cutoff date may not be reflected in my response.