Jacqueline Novak’s Boyfriend (Husband): Meet Chris Laker!

Owen Weimann

Jacqueline Novak’s Boyfriend (Husband): Meet Chris Laker! blurred-reality.com

blurred-reality.com – Jacqueline Novak is currently in a relationship with her long-time boyfriend, Chris Laker. The couple is open about their relationship and often posts of each other on their Instagram. However, they have yet to become a husband and a wife since they have not gotten married yet.

Jacqueline Novak‘s hour-and-a-half comedy special titled Jacqueline Novak: Get on Your Knees, directed by John Early for the stage and Natasha Lyonne for Netflix, marks a bold debut for the streaming giant.

The show was filmed at The Town Hall Theatre in New York City and was Novak’s final performance on her Get on Your Knees stand-up tour, which began in 2019. The show is about the sensation of performing oral s*x, yes, but it is also about how to poeticize our daily lives.

On the other hand, we have also found that many people have been curious to know about Jacqueline Novak’s personal life, especially her dating life. They want to know if she has a boyfriend or a husband. Well, we’ve got you covered.

Jacqueline Novak Has Been Dating Her Boyfriend, Chris Laker, for a Long Time Now!

Jacqueline Novak (@jacnov) has never been married; she does not have a husband. However, she does have a boyfriend whom she has been openly dating for a long time. Well, his name is Chris Laker (@chrislaker), a comedian and podcaster.

The couple’s relationship started quickly because of their shared passion for humor. While the exact time of their connection is unknown to the public, one thing is certain: they have a deep bond based on love, support, and a shared love of comedy. They both, especially Chris, openly post pictures of each other on Instagram.

Jacqueline Novak and her boyfriend, Chris Laker. blurred-reality.comJacqueline Novak and her boyfriend, Chris Laker.
Image Source: Instagram

As their romance progressed, Laker and Novak loved collaborating on amusing projects while also supporting one another’s respective talents. Furthermore, their common inventiveness led to partnerships, and their combined skills improved the comedy and wit they presented to their viewers.

Whether on stage or collaborating on comedy shows, the couple’s collaborative efforts reveal the strength of their relationship. Even though we are unaware of when they started dating, we do know that Chris Laker and Jacqueline Novak’s love has lasted many years.

The couple has been loyal and unconditionally loving to one another through the ups and downs of life in the entertainment industry. Nonetheless, their ability to navigate the difficulties of their job while maintaining a deep and loving link reveals the depth of their love. Despite the minimal information available about their relationship, they have become an important couple for many of their followers, who adore them for their real love.

Know More About Jacqueline Novak’s Boyfriend, Chris Laker!

Just like Jacqueline Novak, her boyfriend Chris Laker is also a comedian. His appealing wit and comedic prowess perfectly complement Jacqueline’s wit and comedy, making them a standout comedic combination.

He made his television debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live and has since received numerous awards for his outstanding performance. Furthermore, he gained popularity after being chosen as a New Face at the 2011 Montreal Just for Laughs Comedy Festival.

Chris Laker is a comedian and podcaster by profession. blurred-reality.comChris Laker is a comedian and podcaster by profession.
Image Source: Instagram

He released his debut stand-up album, Moments of Greatness, through Comedy Dynamics. Nonetheless, the record demonstrates Laker’s humorous brilliance, allowing fans to appreciate his talents and wit.

Aside from standup, he is the most popular host of the podcast The Show with Chris Laker. As a podcast host, Laker provides his own perspective and delves into a variety of topics with an honest and amusing tone.

He also enjoys love moments with Jacqueline Novak behind the scenes, which gives richness to their separate careers. They navigate life’s twists and turns together, finding joy in one other’s companionship.