Fans Stunned With Jack Black’s Weight Transformation

Anup Jung Pandey

Fans Stunned With Jack Black’s Weight Transformation – Jack Black’s overweight appearance in Kung Fu Panda 4 has stunned many fans. However, reports suggest that he is on his way to lose a few pounds.

Jack Black is a 54-year-old American actor, comedian, and musician best known for his portrayal as Barry in the film, ‘High Fidelity’. This led to bigger roles in films like ‘Shallow Hal’ and ‘Orange County’ before he cemented his leading man position with his Golden Globe-nominated performance as Dewey Finn in ‘School of Rock’.

Since then, he has continued to play lead roles in films such as ‘King Kong’, ‘The Holiday, Nacho Libre’, ‘Tropic Thunder’, ‘Bernie, Goosebumps’, ‘Jumanji’ and ‘The House with a Clock in Its Wall’. Likely, his notable voice acting roles include Po in the ‘Kung Fu Panda’ franchise and Bowser in ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’.

Recently, Jack appeared in Kung Fu Panda 4. Since the release of the movie, viewers have been shocked to see his appearance as he has gained significant weight. As a result, fans have been curious to know the actual reason behind his growing mass. Well, here’s what we’ve discovered.

Jack Black Looks Very Heavy in Kung FU Panda 4!

Jack Black has stunned many fans with his drastic weight gain transformation. Although the exact amount of the weight he gained is unknown, we believe he has gained around 20-30 pounds.

Jack Black's latest appearance after gaining weight. blurred-reality.comJack Black’s latest appearance after gaining weight. 
Image Source: Entertainment Weekly

Nobody can deny that the actor is a well-known personality in Hollywood. He’s not just an accomplished actor, but also a superb musician and content developer. However, he is currently confronting a weight-related difficulty. He is diligently attempting to lose those excess pounds and seems to have some progress but still left some body fat to overcome.

This all began when Kyle Gass, Black’s Tenacious D bandmate, appeared with his new slim look, which made Black uneasy. His bandmate has lost a significant amount of weight and now appears leaner leaving him battle with the reality that he is now the only member of the band that is overweight.

However, it seems like he is on his way taking steps to shed weight and get in fitness, just like any other Bandmate. Recently, he pointed to Kyle and said, “Now he is 225 pounds and I am like 245 pounds. It makes me feel like I am not doing enough to deal with my weight. I have just decided to do something about it.”

According to the reports, the 54-year-old actor is adjusting his daily schedule and focusing on his behaviors. As he stated, ‘I got to transform my habits. I got to work it out before it becomes more difficult.’ And we’d agree with the actor. Deciding to combat your weight is best done immediately.

Jack Black Is on the Way to Shed a Few Pounds Finally

Jack Black has been overweight for most of his life, but it appears that he is attempting to maintain both his weight and his health by radically changing his diet. He is not only aiming to improve his eating habits but also to adhere to a rigid training regimen.

Jack Black is following a healthy diet and workout routine to maintain his weight. blurred-reality.comJack Black is following a healthy diet and workout routine to maintain his weight. 
Image Source: The Hollywood Reporter

If you aren’t aware, he is a major fan of fast food. So we can understand how difficult it would be for him to resist eating such foods. Naturally, this is beneficial to his health. He mentioned his struggle,

The problem with me is that I am always super-hungry for macaroni and cheese and also cheeseburgers. And the worrying thing is that there is nothing I can do to stop myself. This is what I am figuring out to fight with right now.

However, it did not appear like Black was pleased with restricting himself. Because he couldn’t simply reject it. For this objective, he went on to say,

I started a regimen of drugs that prevent me from eating, supposedly I just started the drugs and they are not working. So I am gonna up the dosage. The side effect, one can imagine, is it sucks out your personality and then you are just a zombie. But I’ve got to do something.

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