Issa Rae’s New Show – Know the Cast of Sweet Life: Los Angeles on HBO Max!

Bikram Karki

Issa Rae's New Show - Know the Cast of Sweet Life: Los Angeles on HBO Max!

Issa Rae’s new show is Sweet Life: Los Angeles on HBO Max. The cast includes Amanda Scott, Briana Jones, Cheryl Des Vignes, Jerrold Smith II, Jordan Bentley, P’Jae Compton, and Tylynn Burns.

With her newest HBO Max series, Issa Rae gives viewers a taste of the “sweet life.”

Sweet Life: Los Angeles on HBO, Rae’s new reality show, focuses on a cohort of youthful Black professionals in their mid-20s who are juggling romances while growing their careers.

It depicts all of the excitement, intrigue, and feelings that come with grappling with life-altering events when you’re young, pretty, and Black.

Take a look at the show’s dynamic cast below as we’ve compiled the much sought-after information of the people blessing our screens through Sweet Life: Los Angeles.

Watch: Sweet Life: Los Angeles | Official Trailer | HBO Max

Amanda Scott

Amanda Scott, 25, is an Inglewood native who is now employed in financial services. In the meantime, she is creating the groundwork for her own marketing firm, which would provide her more freedom to spread awareness about Black culture, commerce, and innovation in South Los Angeles.

Scott, a real estate investor and businesswoman in her own right, has a goal to “Buy Black the Block,” with a specific aim of purchasing 100 homes in Black areas.

Briana Jones

Briana Jones, 26, is a native of Kalamazoo, Mich., and the show’s key friend group’s newcomer, having only lived in Los Angeles since 2018.

As a health care expert seeking to widen her horizons, she lately launched Buttrd By Bri, a natural body butter line.

Cheryl Des Vignes

Cheryl Des Vignes, a 26-year-old artist, fashionista, and resident of Watts, Los Angeles, has leveraged the expertise she garnered operating for some of the fashion sector’s best-known companies to launch her own namesake clothing line dedicated to female empowerment and ecological fashion.

With her firm Des Vignes on the upswing, the lady from Sweet Life behind it all still finds time to give back to her society by mentoring young women of color.

Jerrold Smith II

While he is presently an entertainment promotional expert at Westbrook, Inc., Los Angeles born and bred Jerrold Smith II, 25, has known to wear other specialist hats — he is a former Division I UCLA basketball player who has emerged in key areas for brands such as Nike and Adidas, as well as in articles such as ESPN and Sports Illustrated.

Smith went on to produce and broadcast the Basketball Adjacent podcast on the BLEAV Podcast Network in order to elevate tales about life beyond sports.

Jordan Bentley

Jordan Bentley, 24, is the CEO of Hypland®, a Los Angeles-based streetwear business that is one of the quickest-growing owned and controlled by a Black male.

Bentley from Sweet Life: Lose Angeles believes that now that the firm he founded as a teenager has developed into a fully functional, multimillion-dollar enterprise, his success will show young folks that it is good to convert their passions into a leadership position in the field of entrepreneurship.

P’Jae Compton

P’Jae Compton, 27, is a South Central Los Angeles businessman who works largely in the music business as an artist manager and co-owner of the upstart record label Lost Sound.

Compton, who has dabbled in apparel, modeling, and online marketing, was named a Community Hero by the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2019.

Tylynn Burns

Burns, a native of Los Angeles, is the creator and director of operations for the event series agency House Party Creative.

She satisfies her passion for integrating people and providing new experiences for them by arranging locations for Black and Brown creatives, business people, and innovators to connect.

Burns from Sweet Life expanded her company’s humanitarian activities during Juneteenth 2021 by establishing #RealBlackGiveback and Real Black Greatness.

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