Is Will Horton Gay in Real Life: Fans Wonder if Chandler Massey is Married!

Bikram Karki

Is Will Horton Gay in Real Life: Fans Wonder if Chandler Massey is Married!

Many fans wonder if Will Horton is gay in real life while some want to know if Chandler Massey is married. Will Horton is a fictional character on Days of Our Lives, and he comes out as gay in the show. Chandler Massey is the actor who played Will Horton, and people are wanting to know if Will Horton is gay in real life.

Played by the actor, Chandler Massey on the American daytime TV soap opera  Days of Our Lives, Will Horton is a fictional character. In the NBC soap opera, Will Horton is best known for his coming-out story, and that story has led him to win several awards as well. Typically, on Day of Our Lives, Will firstly appeared in the episode which was released on 16th November 1995.

Initially, Will Horton is introduced as Will Reeds where he has taken the surname of his preassumed father, Austin Reed. However, later, it has been revealed that Will isn’t Austin’s son but rather he is the son of Austin’s half-brother and Will’s grandmother was responsible for parting his parents but Will does everything he can to reunite his parents, and thus, to get away with his grandmother, they take the surname of Horton and start a fresh life.

Will’s fictional character is gay but this has questioned the actor’s sexuality. So, is the performer gay in real life?

Is Will Horton Gay In Real Life?

The American daytime TV soap opera, Days of Our Lives, released the first episode of the second season on 11th July 2022. Typically, this TV soap opera garnered interest with the release of its first season, and now, the second season has also been attracting many people to binge-watching the show.

On Days of Our Lives, we came across a fictional character, Will Horton who thrives his best in tying the knot with his parents even after his grandmother did her best in creating a distance between them. The story is about how Will Horton gets his last name. Initially, Will Horton is claimed to be the son of Austin Reed, and thus, he takes the surname Reed and becomes Reed.

However, we get to see how they divulge every truth of the family tree and conclude that Will is the son of Austin’s half-brother, and to avoid the surname of the cruel grandmother, Will and his parents take a new surname, Horton, and thus, start a new fresh life.

With all this, we get to see how Will comes out to his parents as gay. Days of Our Lives also focuses on the coming out story, and since it caught up people’s attention, the audience is kind of curious to know if the actor playing the role of Will Horton is gay.

So, is Will Horton gay in real life? We all know that Chandler Massy is the actor who portrayed this role. If we dig up Chandler Massey’s relationship, we can conclude that Will Horton is not gay in real life. Gay simply refers to a guy who fascinates about being with another guy, but as per what Will has shared on his Instagram, we can vividly say that he is straight.

To be specific, Chandler has posted a photo with his girlfriend, and has captioned it, “to the girl who befriends stray cats, bats 1.000, administers facials, and bakes: I love you“. Chandler’s girlfriend is Stephanie Bennett (@realesteph) and they both are happy in their relationship, and Chandler is too sure about his sexuality and there’s no way that he can come out as gay.

Is the Will Horton Actor Chandler Massey Married to Stephanie Bennett?

It is confirmed that the actor, Chandler, playing the role of Will Horton is dating Stephanie, and looking at their relationship, we can assume that they have been dating for a long time. However, we do not have exact information on how they began their relationship and caught up feelings for each other.

For now, they are not married, and are just limited to being romantic partners but maybe in soon future, they will be tying their knots.

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