Is Sofia Vergara Expecting a Child at the Age of 51?

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Is Sofia Vergara Expecting a Child at the Age of 51? – Sofia Vergara is not carrying a child. The rumor spread after she announced a new member of her family on Instagram in February. However, it’s just her family member’s baby. 

Sofía Vergara is a Colombian and American actress and television personality well known for her role as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett in the ABC sitcom, ‘Modern Family’. She has been nominated for four Golden Globe Awards and four Primetime Emmy Awards. Furthermore, the role made her one of America’s highest-paid actresses.

Recently, Sofia shared cheerful family news, capturing her followers with a compelling moment during her personal life’s upheavals. The 51-year-old actress took to social media to introduce the newest member of the Vergara family. Since the news went viral, many fans have been curious to know if she is having a baby again. Well, here’s everything you need to know!

Sofia Vergara Is Not Expecting a Child

No, Sofia Vergara is not pregnant. The recent rumor about her pregnancy was generated after she introduced a new member of her family on her Instagram. On February 8, 2024, she posted a photo of her family member, Alfonso Vergara, seated in a chair cradling his newborn child. It’s unknown how the two are linked, but they’ve been spotted together for years. We believe they are a close family.

The rumor about Sofía Vergara getting pregnant is not true. blurred-reality.comSofía Vergara is not having a child again.
Image Soirce: Instagram

While the photo generated curiosity among fans, the Griselda actress wrote the caption, “New Vergara,” which included a joyful emoji and a red heart, made no mention of her expecting a child. The 51-year-old actress already has one child, a 32-year-old son named Manolo, who she shares with her ex-husband, Joe Gonzalez.

Sofia has been open about her desire not to have more children, which apparently contributed to her divorce from Joe Manganiello. She stated in an interview that her marriage ended because her ex-husband, who is younger than her, wanted children while she did not want to become a mother again at her age. She has indicated an openness to love again, but she has made it clear that she does not intend to have any more children.

Rather, she made light of the fact that she was excited to become a grandma should her son Manolo choose to become a parent. Given these words and her recent divorce, there is no reason to believe that she could be carrying a child again. As a result, any rumor regarding her pregnancy looks to be untrue, and the latest family photo she uploaded most likely displays the delight of welcoming a new member to her extended family.

Here’s Why Sofia Vergara Will Never Have a Child Ever Again

Considering that she is 51 years old at the moment, we don’t think Sofia Vergara will ever be giving birth to a baby again. The recent pregnancy rumor comes as a source of joy following her recent split from her husband of eight years, Joe Manganiello who filed for divorce in July 2023, citing irreconcilable differences.

But regardless of the complexity of their separation, having a marriage contract in place assures that both of the couple’s assets, earned during their time together, are unharmed.

The couple, who did not have children together, had no custody battles, which simplified their legal separation. Speculation surfaced that opposing views on motherhood were a contributing factor to their breakup, with Joe’s desire for children clashing with her reservations.

Sofía Vergara got divorced from Joe Manganiello because she didn't want to get pregnant. blurred-reality.comSofía Vergara got divorced from Joe Manganiello because she didn’t want another child.
Image Source: Instagram

Later, Sofia revealed why the pair ended their marriage in an honest interview with the Spanish daily El País, saying, “I’m newly divorced from my second husband, who I was with for 10 years,” before admitting that their disagreements about having children were a big reason behind their split. She said,

My marriage broke up because my husband was younger; he wanted to have kids and I didn’t want to be an old mom. I feel it’s not fair to the baby. I respect whoever does it, but that’s not for me anymore. I had a son at 19, who is now 32, and I’m ready to be a grandmother, not a mother.

Furthermore, the 51-year-old actress went on to say that if love comes along in the future, her partner must “come with [his own] children”. She even explained why she didn’t want more children, saying,

I’m almost in menopause; it’s the natural way of things. When my son becomes a dad, let him bring the baby to me for a while and then I’ll give it back to him and go on with my life; that’s what I have to do.

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