Is Sebastian “Seb” Melrose and Kayla Richart Still Together? Too Hot to Handle Update!

Anup Jung Pandey

Is Sebastian “Seb” Melrose and Kayla Richart Still Together? Too Hot to Handle Update!

Sebastian “Seb” Melrose and Kayla Richart, one of the couples in Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle Season 4, could still be together because the couple still follows each other on Instagram accounts. Additionally, Seb recently visited Kayla’s hometown. However, we have to wait for further episodes to know the truth.

Few dating shows are as popular as Netflix‘s Too Hot to Handle. The show allows its contestants to form genuine connections and emotional bonds. They cannot, however, engage in any sexual activity because it will reduce the amount of money they will receive at the end of their stay. The restriction only serves to increase the number of steamy scenes in the show.

Several men and women entered the show’s luxurious retreat in season 4 without realizing what they were getting themselves into. However, Kayla Richart and Sebastian “Seb” Melrose were one of the most popular couples from this season of the reality show.

For the remainder of the season, Seb and Kayla remain faithful, with Kayla rejecting Shawn in order to remain with her man. They also manage to avoid any further rule violations after the $50,000 shower, deepening their emotional bond without focusing on the physical. Despite becoming finalists, the couple did not walk away with the remaining pot, but they did leave in an official girlfriend-boyfriend relationship.

So, how long did their relationship last after they left the Caribbean? Are the couple still together? Continue reading to learn more about Seb and Kayla’s relationship status.

Sebastian “Seb” Melrose and Kayla Richart From Too Hot to Handle: Despite Going Through Some Rough Patches During Their Time on the Show, It Appears That the Couple Are Still Together & Riding Out Their Relationship!

As of writing it has been less than a week since the Season 4 finale dropped, so it’s too early to tell whether Sebastian “Seb” Melrose (@sebmelrose) and Kayla Richart (@kaylarichart) are still together. However, the couple still follows each other on Instagram, and some light snooping has revealed hints that they may have visited each other since the show wrapped. Last summer, Seb posted photos of himself visiting Kayla’s hometown of Los Angeles, and Kayla liked one of the posts.

They also went to London with the rest of the cast this month for some adventures and social media promotion. They allegedly both shared stories about hanging out with the cast but not with each other. Kayla hasn’t shared many photos with the other cast members on Instagram.

Meanwhile, while Seb hasn’t posted or commented on his and Kayla’s status, he has shared several clips of his boys’ time with Creed, Nigel, and Ethan. He’s also been hanging out with Flavia and has filmed a TikTok for her account. Creed is also in the clip, which seems to reference the Peru actress’ two flirtations on the show, but fans are wondering whether Seb and Flavia could’ve rekindled their connection after the show. Only the eventual reunion (which is expected to happen soon) will tell.

However, when Seb first saw Los Angeles-based Kayla in the opulent Carrabean villa, nearly all of them decided to pursue her in the hopes of gaining her attention and affection. She made it clear, however, that she was keeping her options open, even if New Jersey native Nigel was her first choice due to his physique, charm, and overall confidence. The only thing keeping the 22-year-old from completely giving in to him was the fear that he was a swindler, only to be proven correct after their first date as he continued to sweet-talk others.

Kayla thus decided to share a bed with British Salvadoran Seb, for whom she already had a soft spot because he was unapologetically funny and also relatively shy. The 24-year-old racing driver, in turn, took advantage of the situation by making her feel at ease, and thus their romantic relationship began — neither wanted to leave the door open for others. To be honest, despite their great conversations and witty banter, they did struggle with the villa rules at every turn, costing everyone thousands of dollars.

As a result, Kayla and Seb were subjected to the ultimate control test to prove their love: a romantic night alone in the private suite, complete with rose petals, a 2-person bathtub, and alcohol. The duo actually behaved this time, indicating that they were in it for the long haul, only to be thrown another curveball in the form of bombshell Flavia, a new arrival from Peru. She asked Seb to be her first date, unaware of his relationship with Kayla, and his head nearly turned because she’s exactly his type, but he thankfully didn’t kiss her despite the free pass.

The fact that Seb returned from the date with Flavia hand in hand broke Kayla’s heart because she was convinced they were creating something truly special, but he quickly tracked her down to explain everything. The athlete didn’t lie at any point, even admitting he was tempted, but then revealed he couldn’t stop thinking about her, making them stronger than ever. Nonetheless, the young American wanted to stake her claim and make it clear that the Scotsman was hers, so she went all the way with him in the communal shower.

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