Is Nick Uhas Gay: Has Nick Uhas Openly Admitted His Sexual Orientation as a Gay Man?

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Is Nick Uhas Gay: Has Nick Uhas Openly Admitted His Sexual Orientation as a Gay Man?

A TV presenter, Youtuber, TikToker, and a face famous on the screens, Nick Uhas’s life is revolving around the rumor of whether he is gay or not. Sparking the speculations ever since he was in Big Brother’s season, Nick’s sexual orientation has piqued many interests as he once again appears on screen as the host of Netflix’s Blown Away Season 3.

Presenting one of the most happening art shows on Netflix, Blown Away Season 3, Nick Uhas is gathering many’s attention, not just with his spectacular presence but also a rumor! Currently professionally a TV host, former professional aggressive inline skater, actor, and YouTuber, Nick’s face is one of the familiar ones on the silver screen.

Nick Uhas rose to fame after serving as a producer and host for The Weather Channel, DreamWorksTV, and Fox‘s nationally syndicated Saturday morning TV program FabLab. He was formerly a contestant on CBS‘s Big Brother 15 and afterward moved on to other projects.

Nick Uhas is on the highlights right now particularly due to a roaming rumor which says Nick Uhas is gay. The truth behind the rumor has piqued many’s interests. So, here’s the answer to the question,” Is Nich Uhas gay?”

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Is Nick Uhas Gay? Presenting Blown Away, Fans Want to Confirm if Nick Uhas Identifies as a Gay Man!

Born on March 30, 1985, Nick Uhas originally is popular for bringing science-focused content to his YouTube channel Nickipedia, which has been highlighted in publications like BuzzFeed.

Graduated from Hilliard Davidson High School where he was a member of the wrestling team, Nick’s career took many turns. From being a potential wrestler, to once upon time pro skater to finally settling as a TV host, Nick Uhas has nonetheless always stayed on the interesting side of life.

Uhas received a casting call for the 15th season of CBS‘ reality series Big Brother in June 2013. He was the second house guest in that season to be kicked out of the house. Following the year 2014, Uhas worked with BASE Productions to host and create a scientific program for The Weather Channel called Brain Storm.

After being asked to visit Sydney, Australia, in 2015 to showcase three well-liked science experiments from his YouTube channel on the national news program The Today Show with Karl Stefanovic, Uhas became well-known. On NBC‘s Today Show, he duplicated his accomplishment by carrying out further trials.  In October of the same year, Uhas started appearing on and creating scientific demonstration segments for The Dr. Oz Show.

Uhas was hired to host the Netflix series Blown Away after appearing briefly on America’s Got Talent. Recently, Nick Uhas was the presenter of Netflix‘s Blown Away, a Canadian reality glassblowing competition television series.

All in while having a marvelously successful career, Nick Uhas is haunted by the rumors of being gay. It all began back when Nick was part of Big Brother.

Back in 2013 during an interview, after being questioned repeatedly by journalist Chaunce Hayden about whether he had any LGBT inclinations, Nick reportedly left the interview. In addition to being questioned directly about his sexual orientation, Nick was also being interviewed alongside Big Brother 2013 runner-up GinaMarie Zimmerman, which made things even more awkward.

As reported by Big Brother‘s sources, GM had a serious crush on Nick the whole season and even erected a shrine to him after he was booted from the program. Nick appeared to be quite uncomfortable with the situation, letting GinaMarie handle most of the inquiries. However, things quickly became ugly when Chaunce wouldn’t stop complimenting Nick on his nice looks and bombarding him with queries about whether or not he could have a gay streak.

The crazy interview continued when Chaunce questioned Nick about gay men approaching him. Nick profusely said no trying to dodge the allegations.  Then Chaunce continued to poke fun at Nick’s alleged homosexuality by saying, “There’s no gay in you at all… Never attempted that or followed that course of action?”

To that Nick shook his head and appeared to be quite dissatisfied, making it clear that he didn’t want to go on with the conversation. After the horrible interview, Nick Uhas hasn’t really been on any other interviews thus barely revealing what his actual sexual identity is.

Scouring through his Instagram (@nickuhas), Nick seems to like to keep his personal life private to himself. His videos of crazy science experiments fill his Instagram feed not letting any hint of whether he is gay or not come up.

So, all in all, Nick Uhas may or may not be gay. He seems to like to keep most parts of himself close and private. This could be the reason why he isn’t openly claiming his sexuality or maybe waiting for the right time to come out.

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