Is MatPat Transphobic? Does He Hate Trans People?

Bikram Karki

Is MatPat Transphobic? Does He Hate Trans People?

Many people believe MatPat is transphobic after he made jokes about transgender characters in 2018. However, he later apologized for the mistake.

MatPat (full name: Matthew Patrick) is a well-known YouTuber and content creator best known for his channels, The Game Theorists & Film Theory. He rose to fame through his analytical and amusing videos, in which he applies scientific and mathematical concepts to video games, movies, and popular culture to investigate hypotheses and solve fascinating issues.

MatPat dives into the science and reasoning underlying various video games on The Game Theorists, aiming to answer puzzles and unearth hidden secrets inside gaming realms. Meanwhile, he applies the same critical approach to films and television series on Film Theory. He investigates narrative gaps, character motives, and other aspects of storytelling, bringing a critical and scientific viewpoint to film experiences.

For over 5 years now, many people have been hating on MatPat because he previously made jokes about transgender characters. As a result, people believe he is transphobic. Well, let’s find out what the truth is.

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People Believe MatPat Is Transphobic as He Previously Made Jokes About Transgender Characters!

In 2018, MatPat (@matpatgt) joked about a few transgender characters while talking about the “Attack Helicopter” meme and people jumped to the conclusion that he is transphobic. However, he later took on Twitter and apologized for it. He tweeted,

Just to clarify:
– No data was thrown out due to gender response.
@arhourigan just let me know that “Attack Helicopter” has a transphobic history. I wasn’t aware and I’m sorry for including it. I assumed it, like most of the answers, was just a dumb meme people wrote in.

Even though MatPat still mispronounces some transgender characters, people on Reddit believe he does so unintentionally. They believe he made transphobic jokes without knowing the meaning. One user wrote,

doubt he’s intentionally transphobic; most likely just your average ignorant cis person. i think the misgendering stuff was about using “he or she” for kris in deltarune, who uses they/them, and the transphobic joke was something his audience was doing that he repeated without knowing the meaning (he did a poll for the demographics of his viewers and some people put “attack helicopter” as their gender). i could be misremembering and there could be more

Some people believe MatPat is unintentionally transphobic. blurred-reality.comSome people believe MatPat is unintentionally transphobic.
Image Source: Instagram

Similarly, another wrote,

I’ve been subscribed to him for a very long time.
It’s hard for us to believe, but some people actually don’t know the words attack helicopter are a transphobic meme. So he repeated a joke he didn’t understand, a stupid joke then apologized for it well not admitting he had said anything wrong cuz I don’t think he intended to.

While MatPat is the only person who knows whether he is transphobic or not, we also should consider the fact that he previously apologized for his mistake and appears to be unaware of what he is joking about.

Early Life of MatPat!

MatPat, the only child of Robert and Linda Patrick, was born on November 15, 1986, in Medina, Ohio. He grew up having an interest in video games and theater. He graduated as valedictorian from Medina High School in 2005 and attended Duke University, where he met Stephanie Cordato in January 2006 and later collaborated with her in an April game programming class on a Legend of Zelda spoof dubbed The Epic of Stew.

On December 28, 2009, the two graduated from Duke University. Matt and Stephanie relocated to New York City, where Matt auditioned for and appeared in a variety of theatrical roles, including Blood Brothers and a 2009 stage production of Bram Stoker‘s Dracula. Stephanie and Matthew married in October 2012 after Stephanie discovered Matthew wasn’t gay.

Matt started a YouTube channel called MatthewPatrick13, where he periodically uploaded stage performances and singing auditions. MatPat had some success as a theater performer but stopped since he and Stephanie were struggling financially and couldn’t find a new career.

While he had some success as a theatrical actor and director, Matt finally dropped out of the performing field altogether after a few jobs. MatPat applied for positions as a television producer, programmer, and film director during the following two years, but received no answers. During this time, he watched an Extra Credits episode on tangential learning, which prompted him to establish Game Theory as a way to add something new to his résumé.

MatPat failed in multiple profession before starting a YouTube channel. blurred-reality.comMatPat failed in multiple profession before starting a YouTube channel.
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Matthew decided to start his own online series in which he discussed popular video games using science, history, and philosophy. He named his web series Game Theory and then changed his channel name to The Game Theorists. There he began his YouTube career and the rest is history.