Is Maria Seiren Transgender?

Natalia Romanova

Is Maria Seiren Transgender? – Many AGT: Fantasy League viewers wonder if Maria Seiren is transgender since she can sing in both male and female voices. While she has not clarified her gender yet, we believe she is straight and her ability to sing in both voices is nothing but her pure talent.

Mel B picked opera singer Maria Seiren for her Dream Team on America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League and she definitely proved why she’s a force to be reckoned with in her stunning audition during the first episode.

In case you’re unaware, Maria Seiren is a popular name in Japan. She is an opera singer who rose to prominence after winning Season 1 of Japan’s Got Talent. She has been performing in opera for over a decade, with both male and female voices. She is frequently spotted dressed up in fancy Japanese costumes and sporting striking headpieces whenever she performs live.

On the other hand, we have found that many people have recently been curious to know about her sexuality since she can sing in both male and female voices. They wonder if she is transgender. Well, let’s find it out together.

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Maria Seiren Suspected of Being Transgender Because of Her Ability to Sing in Both Male & Female Voices!

Maria Seiren left the judges and audiences to drop their jaws with her performance in the 2024 AGT: Fantasy League. On the other hand, her talent has left viewers wondering about her sexuality. They want to know if she is transgender since she can sing in both male and female voices.

Well, we don’t think she is trans. Neither the judges nor Maria herself has mentioned anything about her sexuality. We cannot make assumption about anyone’s sexuality without any strong evidence. Sexuality is a very sensitive subject. A lot of people take it very seriously. Assuming one’s sexuality can offend people very easily.

We strongly believe both the AGT and the Japanese version would have mentioned something if she was transgender. These shows have a history of showcasing stories of contestants who have had a tough past. Being trans is surely not easy in any place in the world.

We don't think Maria Seiren is transgender. blurred-reality.comWe don’t think Maria Seiren is transgender.
Image Source: Instagram

Your sexuality has nothing to do with your talent. Like Marie, there are many personalities who can sing in both male and female voices all around the world. It’s pure talent and it isn’t a valid reason to question one’s sexuality.

However, she is aware that she represents gender fluidity because of having the ability to represent two genders. When asked about what her talent means to the LGBTQIA+ community, she previously said,

I know I do, and I hope my audiences can enjoy that sense of freedom in my work…I don’t think anyone should put a border around themselves and say that they are either one personality type or another, one gender or one sexuality.

Therefore, we come to a conclusion that Maria Seiren is not transgender. We will surely get back to you as soon as she clarifies anything about her sexuality in the future. For now, let’s root for her for her upcoming performances in the AGT: Fantasy League.

More About Maria Seiren!

Maria Seiren (@maria_seiren), an opera singer, has been active in the Tokyo music scene for almost a decade. She is the artistic director of the opera group named Mondo Parallelo.

She won the first-ever Japan’s Got Talent final in February this year. Her ability to float between tenor and soprano vocal registers and sing both male and female roles in operatic masterpieces sets her apart, notably in the opera world.

Maria Seiren is the winner of the first-ever Japan's Got Talent. blurred-reality.comMaria Seiren is the winner of the first-ever Japan’s Got Talent.
Image Source: Instagram

Prior to her Japan Got Talent success, she made her singing debut with the Tokyo Vivaldi Ensemble in December 2015 at Suntory Hall (Blue Rose).