Is George Krissa Gay? The Holiday Sitter Cast’s Sexuality Explored!

Shibakshya Rai

Is George Krissa Gay? The Holiday Sitter Cast’s Sexuality Explored!

Like his character in The Holiday Sitter, George Krissa is gay in real life as well. He and his boyfriend, Bri Waters, have been dating for over 6 years.

George Krissa is a Canadian actor who is recognized for his role in The Holiday Sitter (2022), Coroner (2019), and Trapped with My Husband (2022). Not only an actor, George is also a musician. He is a classically trained singer who attended Grant MacEwan University in Alberta, Canada, to study voice.

He gained a lot of popularity after playing a gay role in The Holiday Sitter. On the other hand, we’ve recently discovered that many people have been wanting to know if George is gay in real life. Well, here’s everything you need to know.

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George Krissa Is Openly Gay & Has Been Dating His Boyfriend for Over 6 Years!

Yes, George Krissa (@georgekrissa) is gay like his character in The Holiday Sitter. According to reports, he came out a long time. Matter of fact, he is in an open relationship with his boyfriend, Bri Waters.

Yes, George Krissa is openly gay. blurred-reality.comYes, George Krissa is openly gay.
Image Source: Instagram

Although the couple has not yet married, they appear to have a wonderful connection. The gay couple began dating in 2017 and frequently appear to share photos of themselves on social media. On June 16, the couple celebrated their 6 years anniversary. Taking to Instagram, George Krissa expressed his love for Bri writing,

Six years ❤️🎉Happy Anniversary @briwaters! You are the funniest, smartest, kindest, coolest, most interesting person in the world. I love you more than you’ll ever know!

Meanwhile, Waters (@briwaters) is a marketing director and playwright-director located in Canada, as well as the UX design lead at Shopify. Along with being a director and designer, he has also appeared in various films and is known as a daring actor. He has worked on several short films and television programs, including Thing You Did, Legends of the Falls, and Gregory.

George Krissa and her boyfriend, Bri Waters. blurred-reality.comGeorge Krissa and her boyfriend, Bri Waters.
Image Source: Instagram

We can say they both have always supported each other in their own careers. Despite the fact that the gay couple has yet to get married, they have a connection that is similar to that of a married couple. They frequently share photos of themselves enjoying their presence, views on Valentines, and anniversary messages.

George Krissa and her partner are thankful to have each other at their sides. We wish the couple all the best in their upcoming and journey and hope to see them getting married one day.

George Krissa’s Net Worth in 2023!

Fans are frequently interested in celebrities’ earnings and net worth. Among other things, people are curious about actor George Krissa‘s net worth. Krissa has only been in the acting field for a short time, yet he has achieved considerable fame and fortune.

According to sources, the Holiday Sitter actor has a net worth of $1 million, which is expected to rise over time. Krissa’s principal source of income is his acting job; he is also active in singing because he is a skilled vocalist. As a result, he may be able to supplement his income through his singing profession.

Krissa began his career as a television series actor, appearing in only one episode. However, as of 2023, he has appeared in films and television programs as a leading man. As a result, the actor’s net worth will rise with time and effort.