Is Cole Barnett From Love Is Blind Gay? Reddit Users Discuss His Sexuality!

Bikram Karki

Is Cole Barnett From Love Is Blind Gay? Reddit Users Discuss His Sexuality!

Many people, especially Reddit users, believe that Cole Barnett from Netflix’s Love Is Blind might be gay because of his childlike enthusiasm for life. Considering his affection for both Zanab and Colleen, we believe he is straight and is not interested in guys.

Love Is Blind, a Netflix dating experiment, premiered its third season this fall and has now finally released the After the Altar episodes. At the conclusion of each season, all of the remaining engaged couples gather at the altar to exchange vows or formally dissolve their union in front of an audience of loved ones. Just so you know, only two couples got married during season 2. And in season 3, all five couples reached the altar, but only two exchanged vows. (Spoiler alert: They are together still.)

Because of the natural vulnerability of people, the show, therefore, has a fair number of successful relationships. However, not all of them succeed in the real world and successfully walk away from the altar. Five of these first couples were introduced in the third season of this Dallas, Texas-based show, and viewers were thoroughly enthralled by both their personal and love experiences.

One of the couples whose relationship didn’t work out is Cole Barnett and Zanab Jaffrey. On the other hand, many people wonder if Cole is gay after examining his personality throughout the show. Well, let’s find out the truth.

Cole Barnett’s Sexuality: Many Reddit Users Believe the Love Is Blind Cast Is Gay Because of His Childlike Enthusiasm for Life!

Many viewers have been speculating that Cole Barnett (@colebrennanbarnett) might be gay because of his innocent zest for life, a particular type of eyeglasses, and the tendency for bouncing on the sofa like a child bowled over by the possibility of gifts. However, this does not necessarily mean he is into men. While he has never been spotted having a romance with any other men, we believe he is not gay. After all, he was in Love Is Blind to find his perfect woman.

Even though he couldn’t get his soulmate in the show, Cole revealed that he genuinely liked Zanab Jaffrey and never hesitated about his thoughts on getting married to her. Additionally, he was praising Colleen Reed time and again saying that she had a perfect 10/10 body type. All of this evidence clearly clarify that Cole is not gay.

However, some people are still not convinced that Cole is straight. They can’t get over the fact that he met his partner, Zanab, undeniably one of the sexiest ladies in the world, but for some reason, to our shock, he was unable to generate a “physical connection.”

Similarly, many Reddit users took on the platform to discuss his sexuality. One wrote, “Holy sh*t yes. I turned to my husband and said he has to be somewhere on the LGBT spectrum. I’m bi, so my spidey senses were tingling.” Another wrote, “definitely get some feminine vibes from him, not going to lie. I think it’s just his energy though, he’s got a lot of it.”

We can make all assumptions in the world, however, it’s unusual that we doubt someone’s sexuality just because he has a childish vibe. We personally believe Cole is not gay at all. However, we promise we’ll get back to you as soon as we get any information regarding his sexuality.

Love Is Blind Season 4: Will the Dating Show Return Again?

Love Is Blind has experienced another exhilarating season, but the pods won’t stay empty for long. Vanessa Lachey, the co-host, promised fans she would return for Love Is Blind Season 4 to conclude the Season 3 reunion. It was a nice reminder that Netflix had already announced Seasons 4 and 5, back in March 2022, despite the fact that it wasn’t really fresh information.

Even the release of the following installment could be closer than you believe. Both of the upcoming seasons have already been filmed, according to co-host Nick Lachey, who also hinted that viewers can anticipate the unexpected in a Women’s Health interview from October. He told,

We’ve filmed five seasons. Every single one has been so different from the others, so that’s what makes it interesting, what makes it intriguing for us allows us to approach every single season with a fresh attitude and fresh perspective.

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