How Old Is Meche From TikTok? How Tall Is She?

Smith Wilson

How Old Is Meche From TikTok? How Tall Is She?

While many of us believed Meche from TikTok was 18 years old, her former friend, Tessa, recently revealed that she is just 16 years old. Of course, many people also wonder how tall she is. Well, here’s everything we know.

The latest conflict involving TikTok influencers Tessa Ortega and Meche (real name: Michelle) is currently causing a stir on the internet. In case you’re unaware, Tessa and Meche were previously part of a TikTok group named ATM alongside Amanda. Of course, the group had to split up due to a conflict between Meche and Tessa.

Everything began when Tessa started receiving a lot of online criticism for allegedly kissing Meche’s “ex-boyfriend.” In her video, Tessa expresses the fact that Meche, a friend who has been staying with her, did not defend her online when she was subjected to abuse from their supporters.

Following their online dispute, Tessa even revealed that Meche has been lying about her real age and even photoshopped her birth certificate. As a result, many netizens have been curious to know her real age. Well, how old do you think Meche is? Let’s find it out.

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Meche From TikTok Is Allegedly 16 Years Old!

While Meche (@marissadeyavhe_), herself, has not revealed her real age, Tessa (@tessa0rtega) claims that she is currently 16 years old. While most of us believed Meche was 18, Tessa claimed she’s still underage saying,

Meche is 16 years old, she’s not 18.

She further added,

She has been doing way worse with older people, and the fact that it’s not just that it’s the fact that when you meet her in person, it’s like you’re not who you really are…I didn’t say what I said to expose anyone, but I want to make it clear that I shouldn’t be the only one getting stuff for this age difference or whatever.

Tessa claims that Meche is only 16 years old. blurred-reality.comTessa claims that Meche is only 16 years old.
Image Source: Instagram

Although Tessa makes it clear that she is not attempting to expose her friend, many of her admirers believe she is doing the same. Meche, however, hasn’t responded to or added anything to Tessa’s claims.

How Tall Is Meche From TikTok?

Just like her age, Meche has not revealed how tall is she. Tessa also has not spoken a word about her real height. From what we can see through our mobile screens, she appears to be between 5’3” to 5’5”. However, this is just an assumption.

Even if any of them reveal any information, we will have to need proof to confirm both their age and height as both of them do not appear to be genuine. We will surely get back to you as soon as we get any updates.

Meche and Tessa’s Conflict in Detail!

While Tessa and Meche‘s drama may not have started with a guy, it seems that boy-related tension was the ultimate straw in their argument. Meche and influential El Compa Angell formerly shared a love relationship.

Tessa and Meche have been going against each other for the past few days. blurred-reality.comTessa and Meche have been going against each other for the past few days.
Image Source: HITC

However, in August, a video of Tessa and Angel kissing appeared online. Tessa later used TikTok Live to dispute accusations that she took away her best friend’s partner. In the video, she said,

If you hang out with someone — like opposite same gender or whatever — if you’re attracted to them, you’re obviously going to gain feelings for them as well. So it is what it is. And I can’t go back on that.

Tessa noted that since Meche and Angel’s connection was merely for appearances, she wasn’t technically in violation of the rules. She added,

I did nothing wrong. I truly didn’t because they never had anything, literally at all. They never kissed, they never did anything. They barely met in person in Arizona. They went on live with each other, “flirting” for the views, for the clout, for everything, because it’s a relationship that all you guys would have wanted. Literally exactly like that.

Fans of Tissa and Michelle on social media were stunned to see the chaos between the two influencers. Many internet users claimed that the drama has increased the attention level.