How Does Lookism End? Is the Anime Finished?

Anup Jung Pandey

How Does Lookism End? Is the Anime Finished?

While Season 1 of Lookism doesn’t explain where Hyung-seok’s second body came from or how he can switch between the two bodies as he sleeps, the season ends with Choi Su-Jeong being capable of doing the same. Besides them, we also get some hints that Hong Jae-yeol can be another person with two bodies. Additionally, the anime is definitely not finished as it has a lot of stories left to portray.

Lookism is a South Korean animated series on Netflix based on Park Tae-Joon‘s Manhwa series, which he wrote and illustrated. The plot revolves around Park Hyung-Seok, a short and overweight teenager who is constantly bullied by his peers because of his appearance. After seeing this, his mother decides to send him to Jaewon High School.

On his supposed first day, Hyung-Seok awakens to find himself in the body of a tall, handsome, and athletic young man. He soon discovers that his old body is sound asleep beside him. It takes some time for him to realize, but when his first body is asleep, his second body is awake, and vice versa.

Hyung-Seok chooses to attend his new high school in the second body while working at a convenience store in the first. He witnesses people’s extreme reactions to his two vastly different appearances as he does so. Apart from what happens in between the series, here’s how Lookism ends.

Lookism: Season 1 Ends With Choi Su-Jeong Being Able to Switch Between the Two Bodies, Like Hyung-Seok!

The first season of Lookism provides no explanation for Hyung-Seok‘s second body’s origins or how he can shift consciousness between the two bodies while sleeping. However, at the end of the season, we know Choi Su-Jeong is capable of doing the same.

Choi Su-Jeong first meets Hyung-Seok in his old body, and unlike most people, she treats him with kindness. In contrast, she does seem distant and cold against Hyung-Seok in his second body, though there is much misunderstanding, as with Basco. She is also fairly evident to have found Hyung-Seok has two bodies.

Hong Jae-Yeol, in addition to these two, could be another person with two bodies. However, his generous actions could be motivated by simple kindness or even attraction to Hyung-Seok.

Su-Jeong and Hyung-Seok appear to be the only two people with two bodies in the original Manhwa. However, there may be others. For example, DG, the K-pop star introduced near the end of the season, most likely had two bodies previously. At the time, he went by the name James Lee, which he eventually dropped. It’s possible that he had two bodies at the time but decided to discard one permanently. DG is also the most powerful character in the world of Lookism.

As said before, the animated show has not indicated much about the subject, and it seems that the Manhwa will follow suit. However, there are multiple options.

Choi Dong-soo, also known as the Elite, is the CEO of the conglomerate HNH Group and Su-father. Jeong’s Given that his daughter has a second body, he is almost certainly involved in their creation. Furthermore, he gathered the members of the Ten Geniuses. The Ten Geniuses are a group of ten people who have genius-level knowledge in a variety of subjects. Su-Jeong, for example, is a business genius. The second body could have been created by combining the DNA of these ten people.

It’s also possible that the second bodies are what Hyung-Seok and Su-Jeong can be when they’re at their peak. Those bodies are a perfect representation of their personalities. This theory appears to be supported by the fact that, as a result of extensive training, Hyung-first Seok’s body has begun to resemble his second body in the Manhwa.

Another theory is that Hyung-Seok and Su-Jeong are the most recent users of those bodies. Others had made use of them in the past. Previous users in Hyung-case Seok could include DG and even Dong-soo. We’ll have to wait for another season of Lookism. Of course, the anime has not been finished as many things are yet to revealed.

Will Lookism on Netflix Have a Season 2?

Unfortunately, Netflix has not yet announced plans for a second season of Lookism, which isn’t surprising given that the show only premiered yesterday. So far, the streamer has been consistently promoting the show on its social media platforms, which is encouraging.

Studio Mir, the animated studio behind the project, has a long history with Netflix, having worked on The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf and DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, the latter of which has premiered for three seasons in a row. So it doesn’t appear that the streaming behemoth is planning to cut ties.

On the other hand, Netflix has a shaky track record with animated shows, and the department’s budget and staff were hit hard this year. In October, Weekly Toyo Keizai (via Cartoon Brew) reported that the streamer was cutting back on anime, specifically targeting Japanese animation studios. It should be noted, however, that Studio Mir is based in Korea. We don’t have a definitive answer about Lookism Season 2 yet, but stay tuned!

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