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Hawa Hassan | Spice of Life, Cooking Channel, Food Network, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Age, Ethnicity

Hawa Hassan is a Somali home cook, author, and entrepreneur. She is the originator of BasBaas Sauce, a Somali chili pepper company.

Hassan will star in the new Food Network series Spice of Life, where she will prepare and share recipes with fans.

She will not be cooking alone, however, since she will be visiting skilled chefs at home and at restaurants to learn about their favorite global cuisine.

Hawa invites us into her home, where we can meet her dating partner, for berbere-infused halibut tibs and awaze avocado toast with gently boiled eggs.

With her culinary abilities at the heart of the show, we dug into Hawa’s personal affairs, from her relationships to her net worth.

Spice of Life on Food Network’s Cooking Channel

Spice of Life star Hawa Hassan, a Somali chef & cuisine reporter, traverses the world in search of ancient African recipes and spices, which she then uses to create her own modern twist on conventional African cuisine.

Spice of Life premieres on Cooking Channel on 8th July 2021.

Dating, Relationship, Boyfriend

Hawa Hassan is currently dating a man named Kwame. Her boyfriend is the owner of the music and design endeavors platform The Basement, which is based in New York City.

Taking a glance at Hawa’s Instagram, their relationship went public in February 2021.

Net Worth, Book

Hawa Hassan’s net worth is estimated to be in the region of $25 million. She’s already released a cookbook and is now launching her own reality show.

Meanwhile, the average Food Network chef’s income is around $59,675 annually.

Parents, Family, Siblings

As an immigrant, refugee, Hawa Hassan relocated to Seattle from Africa without her parents and family when she was seven years old.

She’s got nine siblings and is the second eldest child among the ten.

Hawa, who had been apart from her family for over a decade, cherished recollections of being her mother’s assistant, preparing by the stove, and caring for the kids.

When the cook and her mother reconnected, they resumed cooking local dishes together.

Age, Birthday

Details about Hawa’s age and birthday are unknown at the moment.

Instagram, Twitter

Hawa Hassan is pretty active on Instagram with 54.5k followers. She has made 829 uploads so far!

Likewise, she’s got a Twitter account of her website called Basbaas Sauce. The bio reads,

Basbaas is a line of Somali sauces featuring bold flavors with a sweet and tangy twist.


The Spice of Life star on Food Network is currently based in New York City. However, her hometown is not revealed in the public domain.

Nationality, Ethnicity

Hawa Hassan’s nationality is American while she belongs to the African/Somali ethnicity.

Job / Profession / Occupation / Model

Hawa Hassan founded a Somali chili pepper firm called BasBaas Sauce.

Previously eyed as a model, she is now realizing her chef aspirations as the host of Spice of Life and she features on Food Network on a constant basis.

Recipes, Digaag Qumbe

You can check out Hawa Hassan’s recipes here! One of the most popular ones is Digaag Qumbe.


As per Great Jones Goods,

Hawa Hassan is the founder and CEO of Basbaas, the only line of Somali hot sauce sold in America (her flavors include tamarind-date and coconut-cilantro chutney). She’s also a refugee and an activist, and she knows that pasta is the easiest way to feed a crowd.

Website / Basbaas

Hassan’s website is called Basbaas (https://basbaasfoods.com/)!


Hawa recently revealed Seattle shaped her life in a 2021 interview. The CEO of Basbaas Foods spent most of her youth in South Seattle prior to shifting to New York City.

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