Hailee Steinfeld’s Boyfriend in 2023: Who Is She Dating Right Now? A Look at Her Dating History and Ex-boyfriend’s List!

Shreeyantra Rai

Hailee Steinfeld’s Boyfriend in 2023: Who Is She Dating Right Now? A Look at Her Dating History and Ex-boyfriend’s List!

As of 2023, Hailee Steinfeld does not appear to have a boyfriend. While some rumors suggest she is dating Eiza González right now, it is not true as Eiza is in a relationship with someone else. Have a look at Hailee’s dating history and the list of her ex-boyfriends, including Niall Horan and Cameron Smoller.

Hailee Steinfeld is an American actress, singer, and songwriter who was born on December 11, 1996, in Los Angeles, California. Steinfeld began acting at a young age and gained recognition for her role as Mattie Ross in the 2010 film, True Grit, which earned her an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

Since then, Steinfeld has appeared in a number of films, including Pitch Perfect 2 and Pitch Perfect 3, The Edge of Seventeen, Bumblebee, and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. In addition to her acting career, Steinfeld has also pursued a career in music, releasing her debut single Love Myself in 2015.

Steinfeld has received numerous accolades for her work, including a Golden Globe nomination for her role in The Edge of Seventeen and a Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Best Young Performer for True Grit. She has also been recognized for her music, receiving a Billboard Women in Music Rising Star Award in 2015 and a Radio Disney Music Award for Best New Artist in 2016.

Fans’ interest in Hailee Steinfeld’s romantic life is unsurprising given that she is one of the most well-known talents in young Hollywood. They want to if she has a boyfriend in 2023. Well, let’s find it out.

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Hailee Steinfeld’s Boyfriend in 2023: The 26-Year-Old Star Does Not Seem to Be in a Relationship Right Now!

Hailee Steinfeld (@haileesteinfeld) does not seem to have a boyfriend in 2023. The 26-year-old star has been keeping her love life private ever since she parted ways with Niall Horan. However, some TikTok videos suggest has led many people to think that she is dating Eiza González right now as they were spotted grabbing each other at the Oscars 2023. The cheeky video with some cheeky music really left people wondering about their relationship.

Well, they are not dating. While Hailee does not have a partner, Eiza is in an open relationship with NBA star, Ben Simmons. A source confirmed Eiza and Ben’s relationship earlier this year. Now let’s have a brief talk about her dating history and the list of her ex-boyfriends.

Although Hailee Steinfeld never stated when she began dating the former One Direction singer, Nial Horan, most people assume their romance began in early 2018, despite the fact that she preferred to remain quiet about it. Speaking about her dating rumors with the US Weekly, she told,

I feel so lucky that [my fans] care enough about me to know what I’m doing every second of every day, but I think that sometimes it’s hard for people in general to realize that there are boundaries to a person’s life and personal life.

Once pictures of Hailee and Niall kissing at Disneyland surfaced in August 2018, it was obvious that the two were dating. Sadly, the couple called it quits after only four months together. However, the split didn’t exactly look friendly.

Hailee shared Julia Michaels‘ Instagram Story from January 2019 with the caption, “New Year’s Resolution: no more dating narcissists. God bless you, @juliamichaels. Preach it.,” Hailee said, adding emphasis to her remark. Hailee released a song titled “Wrong Way” the next year, adding fuel to the fire. Fans quickly began to fit the puzzle together given that Niall spent four years as a member of the boy band One Direction.

Hailee Steinfeld’s music aside, her breakup with her ex-boyfriend, Niall, was apparently about focusing on her career. An insider revealed to E! News, “Hailee realized she had a lot on her plate and her work schedule was insanely busy. She was gearing up for a huge press tour for her new movie. They really tried to make it work. It definitely was young love.”

Additionally, Hailee was previously in a relationship with Cameron Smoller in 2016 before beginning her romance with Niall. Although the exact date of their breakup is unknown, they did make their red carpet debut as a couple in January 2017 at a Golden Globes event.

Hailee Steinfeld appears to be working alone as of 2023 and concentrating on her profession. However, the actress did share with Cosmopolitan what she’s searching for in a significant other during an interview in November 2021. She told,

I’m in a place right now where I’m pretty sure I know what I want for me, in relation­ships, work, and life in general. So that’s what I’m after. I’m painting the picture of what all that looks like. I want a partner who is, first and foremost, loyal and honest but confident in themselves and able to do their thing while I do mine. It’s weird talking about it because it’s been in my head for so long.

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