Is Frida Gustavsson Deaf? People Wonder if the Vikings Valhalla Cast Can Hear!

Shreeyantra Rai

Is Frida Gustavsson Deaf? People Wonder if the Vikings Valhalla Cast Can Hear!

No, Frida Gustavsson isn’t deaf. The 26-year-old actress, who plays the role of Freydis Eriksdotter in Netflix’s Vikings: Valhalla, can hear and speak like a normal person. 

Netflix‘s Vikings: Valhalla is set at a pivotal period in the evolution of Northern Europe and takes place around a hundred years after the events in the hit History Channel series, Vikings.  The conflict between Scandinavians and Saxons in Britain reaches a breaking point, resulting in a bloodbath and a Viking invasion. Meanwhile, in Scandinavia, there is a religious war between Christianity and the ancient Pagan religion.

In season 2, Freydis Eriksdotter (Frida Gustavsson) takes charge of the final stronghold of her church and defends it, while her brother Leif Eriksson (Sam Corlett) and lover Harald Hardrada (Leo Suter) travel to Constantinople in pursuit of their fates. Meanwhile, Emma of Normandy (Laura Berlin) finds what may be Godwin‘s (David Oakes) most sophisticated conspiracy yet.

With the release of the second season on January 12, we’ve discovered that many people are curious to know if Frida Gustavsson is deaf. We’ve no idea why so many people wonder so, but here’s the answer to their query.

No, Frida Gustavsson Isn’t Deaf: The Vikings Valhalla Cast Can Hear and Speak Like a Normal Person!

No, Frida Gustavsson (@fridagustavsson) is not deaf. Yes, the Vikings: Valhalla cast is good with all the senses. She can hear and speak like a normal person. As mentioned earlier, we’ve no idea why many people think she might be deaf but we did our research and can confirm she has no such problem. Now that you’ve got your answer, let’s get to know more about her.

Frida Gustavsson (now 26 years old) was born in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, on June 6, 1993. Since Frida has an older brother named Lerik, a tattoo artist, she is the second child of her parents, Ann-Britt and Leffe Gustavsson. Johan Gustavsson, the younger brother of this beauty, is a teacher. She enrolled in St Martins Gymnasium for her formal education, and she started taking acting classes there when she was a little girl.

Frida started her career as a model in 2008 before going into the acting business, and she is connected to a renowned modeling firm, IMG Models. Being tall, skinny, and pale as a youngster made her feel uncomfortable, which gave her the notion to become an actor. She had ambitions of becoming an actress since she was a young girl.

Frida was a small theater-monkey child when she was younger. She liked performing plays, singing, dancing, and putting up performances. She also liked using dolls dressed as superheroes and tiny ponies to make movies. After entering puberty, Gustavsson started to doubt her appearance and her ability to succeed. Following that, engaging in sports gave her a more optimistic outlook and boosted her self-confidence.

When Jenny from Stockholmsgruppen approached her when she and her father were at IKEA purchasing meatballs, she laughed and turned down the modeling opportunity since at the moment, her greatest dream was to become a professional athlete. Frida was participating in competitions in track and field as well.

When Jenny kept calling, Gustavsson decided to give it a go. When she was 16 years old, she went to Paris and met Pierpaolo Piccioli and Maria Grazia Chiuri. They offered her a role as a model in the Valentino couture show. After that, everything occurred so quickly, and her career took off.

Gustavsson lived in New York and frequently traveled to Sweden. She was never really comfortable working as a model. In the studio with Carsten Höller, Frida Gustavsson always felt strongly connected to Sweden and her own country. After some time, she decided it was either time to completely relocate to New York or to take a huge leap of faith in her abilities and realize her goals.

She made the latter decision and enrolled for six months at a formal drama school. She learned about the “Swoon” auditions in 2015 and submitted an application. After that, casting directors were so impressed with her that they offered her the starring part of Ninni.

Talking about her relationship status, the beauty has seen ups and downs in her romantic life. She met Hjalmar Rechlin, a fashion photographer while working on modeling projects. After a few years of dating, they both decided to be married, which they did in 2015. Frida Gustavsson and her spouse lived happily together for nearly two years until deciding to get divorced in 2017. Exactly one year after being divorced, Gustavsson met her current lover, Marcel Engdahl. The couple married in 2022 and travels the planet and updates their followers on social media.

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