Did Lisa Kill the Guy in The Lincoln Lawyer?

Shibakshya Rai

Did Lisa Kill the Guy in The Lincoln Lawyer? blurred-reality.com

We will have to wait for The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 Part 2 to confirm if Lisa killed the guy. However, she did kill Mitchell Bondura in the novel (which the show is based on).

The Lincoln Lawyer, a Netflix original series, tells the story of a defense attorney infamous for breaking the law to get his clients out of prison. Mickey Haller becomes known as the “hottest defense attorney in Los Angeles” after he saves Trevor Elliot, who had all the evidence against him in Season 1 of the show.

Season 2 of the show premiered on Netflix in July 2023. Mickey Haller is back, and this time he’s dealing with a tricky case: his client is Lisa Trammel, a restaurant chef suspected of murder, and the problem is that he had s*x with her before she became his client, and he’s still attracted to her while defending her. The case involves the killing of a businessman named Mitchell Bondura.

Lisa claims her innocence, but the prosecution has far too many factors working in their favor. It complicates Haller’s mission even further, and he finds himself in a precarious situation once more. Well, what do you think? Did she really kill the guy? Let’s find it out.

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We Will Have to Wait for Part 2 to Determine if Lisa Killed the Guy in The Lincoln Lawyer!

As of this writing, we’re unsure if Lisa really did kill the guy in The Lincoln Lawyer. Season 2 of the show leaves us on a cliffhanger as she hasn’t been pronounced guilty or not guilty. We will have to wait for Part 2 of the show to confirm if she killed Mitchell Bondura. However, is she still in jail?

We're unsure if Lisa killed the guy in The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2. blurred-reality.comWe’re unsure if Lisa killed the guy in The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2.
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Lisa was sentenced to jail after being charged with murder. She would have had to stay in prison for the pre-trial and the entire trial, but Mickey attempted to have her released. He demonstrates that she is neither violent nor a flight risk through the community’s backing. The prosecution, on the other hand, wants her imprisoned because they believe she is aggressive. The bail is set at $2 million by the judge.

Lisa doesn’t have to care about money, so Mickey suggests she pay for bail bonds, which cost her $200,000. It is still a significant amount. However, a podcast producer, Henry Dahl, steps up with the money at the right time. In exchange for the rights to her story, he pays for the bonds. This is how she avoids going to prison until the verdict is announced.

What Happens in the Book? Did Lisa Kill Mitchell Bondura?

Without further ado, here is the information that we have all been waiting for: Lisa did kill Mitchell Bondurant in the book. In The Fifth Witness, her husband, Jeffrey “Jeff” Trammell, obtained a mortgage loan from Westland National Bank in Los Angeles. Jeff one day walked out of the house and suddenly disappeared abandoning his family and leaving Lisa and her son Tyler in debt. Later, Westland’s senior vice president, Bondurant, handed her a foreclosure notice.

Lisa did kill Mitchell Bondurant in the book. blurred-reality.com Lisa did kill Mitchell Bondurant in the book.
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According to the book, Lisa was afraid of losing her home, so she took matters into her own hands and attacked Bondurant three times in order to keep her roof over her head. The broader plot here is that she murdered her ex-husband, Jeff, and buried his body in the garden, not wanting anybody to uncover the body. Lisa’s wrongdoing would have been discovered one day if the bank had taken the property, exposing her true face to the world. As a result, in order to cover up one murder, she committed another.

The Netflix series has changed Bondurant’s identity dramatically, portraying him as a real estate developer rather than a banker. Bondurant’s goal in the story was to revitalize the Latino area where Lisa had resided for years. We believe Lisa was concerned that if Bondurant took over her land, he might discover Jeff’s body during the construction. Lisa would face criminal prosecution and prison time as a result of such a revelation. As a result, she went out of her way to quiet Bondurant before her buried history broke out from the constraints of the grave.