Did Ali Liebert Have a Baby?

Allan Ivanov

Did Ali Liebert Have a Baby? blurred-reality.com

blurred-reality.com – No, Ali Liebert has never had a baby. There is no record of her giving birth to a baby, neither with her current partner Donia Kash nor with her past partners. 

Hallmark Channel does not disappoint us when it’s the season of giveaways. This year, it gave us a present in the form of the first-ever lesbian movie on the platform. Friends & Family Christmas, released on December 17, explores the life of two lady friends who pretend to be lovers to comfort their parents but eventually fall for each other.

Ali Liebert and Humberly González play the lead characters of Amelia and Dani respectively in the movie. Both actresses have done a tremendous job engaging viewers with their performance and chemistry.

Impressed with their performance, many people have been wanting to know more about them, especially Ali Liebert. They want to know everything about her. Likewise, we have found that many have been curious to know if she is a baby mama. They want to know if she has a baby. Well, here’s what you need to know.

Ali Liebert Has Never Had a Baby!

Ali Liebert (@aliliebert) does not really prefer to share her personal life. While she is in an open relationship with her partner, Donia Kash, we confirm that neither she nor Donia has ever had a baby. The couple is childless to this date.

There's no record of Ali Liebert having a baby. blurred-reality.comThere’s no record of Ali Liebert having a baby.
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Ali identifies herself as queer (she/her) and Donia identifies themself as non-binary (they/them/ze). The couple has reportedly been dating since 2020. They often express love for each other on their Instagram. While we’ve no idea why so many people wonder if Ali has a baby, we want to clarify that she has not given birth to a baby ever, not even during her part relationships. Neither had Donia.

Even though the couple cannot have a baby normally, there are several ways they can be parents, including adoption, surrogacy, ART (Assisted Reproductive Technologies), and co-parenting. Each method has its own set of difficulties, emotional concerns, legal ramifications, and financial implications. Couples may seek the advice of medical professionals, fertility specialists, counselors, or legal counsel to help them navigate the procedure that best fits their wants and circumstances.

From what we can see on their Instagrams, we are pretty sure Ali Liebert and Donia Kash are deeply in love and want to spend the rest of their lives with each other. There’s a high chance the couple will have a baby in the future implying any of the above methods.

Our Take on Friends & Family Christmas: What Is the Movie About?

Amelia Kasmerac (played by Ali Liebert) is a New York City lawyer vying for a partnership after her adoring father retires, who is still bitter about her year-long breakup with her ex-fiancé. Raquel and Luke McCallan, Dani‘s parents, simply want Dani (played by Humberly González) to be happy, and Luke is acquainted with Amelia’s father, John Kasmerac.

Friends & Family Christmas is now available on Hallmark Channel. blurred-reality.comFriends & Family Christmas is now available on Hallmark Channel.
Image Source: Hallmark

Dani and Amelia are introduced by their parents and meet for coffee. Despite their lack of chemistry, the two end up pretending to date (at least until Christmas Eve) in order to appease their parents.

As you might have guessed, they soon develop a love for each other, but Dani’s job may need her to travel, which is why Amelia previously broke up with her partner. Will their story end happily? Of course, it does. It’s a Hallmark movie after all.

Our take: Unfortunately, González and Liebert generate exactly zero sparks onscreen, and both characters’ continual moaning about their fortunate circumstances wears thin quickly. This is a regift only for romance film completists.