Danielle from Love is Blind Weight Loss: Danielle Ruhl’s 70 lbs Transformation!

Shibakshya Rai

Danielle from Love is Blind Weight Loss: Danielle Ruhl's 70 lbs Transformation Explored!

Danielle Ruhl from Love is Blind Season 2 has a long story on her weight loss journey of 70 pounds. Fans wonder about Love is Blind alum Danielle before weight loss on Instagram.

Love is Blind is an eminent American reality dating show on Netflix where 30 singletons made their way into joining the show. Although there were thirty people hoping to find their loved ones in the show, only 12 cast members made it to getting engaged.

Unlike other love reality dating shows, Love is Blind is extraordinary, and the rule of the show astounded the cast members as well as the audience.

Unlike other love reality shows, the participants aren’t supposed to meet each other physically rather can only talk to each other in the pods. This talking stage lasts for ten long days, and can only the cast members meet each other physically.

Danielle Ruhl is one of the participants, and her talking stage with Nick divulged a lot about her. While talking to Nick, she could feel the inner solace, and thus, revealed how she had always been a fat child, and how it espoused her for weight loss journey.

Love is Blind: Danielle Ruhl’s Weight Loss Journey

One of the eminent reality dating shows, Love is Blind Season 2 premiered on 13th February with a total of ten episodes.

Basically, this American reality dating show is about the participants talking to each other in the pods, and lasting the talking stage for ten long days.

Eventually, they can meet the person, they are most connected with, get engaged, and then to Mexico for their retreat.

Among all other cast members, Danielle Ruhl has a heart-wrenching past, the past that still scares her off. In her childhood days, Danielle fell under the heavier side and was chubby.

With gaining in weight, people started questioning her weight and made comments on how big her arms and stomach were. People do not understand that words are powerful, and can prowess on hurting an individual.

The same happened with Danielle. With the burgeoning comments and people body-shaming her, Danielle’s mental stress was always following her.

Surrounding herself with bullies, and many hate comments towards her body, she decided to undergo a weight loss journey and adhere to taking a healthy diet.

Moreover, she didn’t skip working out and was determined in losing pounds of weight. Putting heart and soul into her weight loss journey, she eventually succeeded in shedding exactly 70 pounds.

While Ruhl’s weight loss journey inclined towards getting successful, and even though her physical appearance changed completely, the insecurity inside of her, regarding her body still didn’t leave her head.

Even today, while talking to people, the subconscious mind always brings her insecurities in her head and Danielle commences to get uncomfortable. She assumes that people are secretly judging her, and thus, the mental trauma, espoused from her childhood bullies still lives along with her.

Ruhl had kept her weight loss secret, but upon meeting Nick, she sensed comfort within him and shared every small detail. It seems like Danielle was perplexed about Nick choosing her, and maybe she wanted to open up with him.

Are Nick and Danielle Still Together?

Danielle and Nick are one of the finest couples from Love is Blind Season 2. Talking in the pods to getting engaged, and going for their retreat in Mexico, Nick and Danielle seemed to enjoy each other’s company.

Subsequently, things got worse when they had to attend a party in Mexico but unfortunately, Danielle got sick and was bound to confine herself in her room. Anticipating Nick to take care of her, and stay by her side, Danielle felt good, however, things didn’t go with her thinking.

Rather, Nick attended the party and enjoyed it with other couples. This brought a cold war between them, and thus, their relationship started getting filled with conflicts and misunderstandings.

Presently, looking at their Instagram account, it appears that they still follow each other, and are on good terms. However, it seems like Nick and Danielle have parted their ways, and aren’t romantically together.

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