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Contestants (Cast) Of Crime Scene Kitchen Season 2!

Jun 9, 2023 @ 2:21 EDT
Contestants (Cast) Of Crime Scene Kitchen Season 2!

Crime Scene Kitchen Season 2 has arrived on Fox and 24 contestants (cast) are ready to compete for the title and cash prize. While 12 of them are classically trained bakers, the other 12 of them are self-taught bakers.

Crime Scene Kitchen on Fox, hosted by Joel McHale, follows a team of two contestants as they compete against other challengers to create delectable sweets. But there's a catch: all the puzzles start at a murder scene where a delectable cake was created before it vanished. In order to solve the mystery and determine what was baked so that they can duplicate it for the judges, it is the competitors' job to look at the ingredients, crumbs, and other clues.

The candidates compete in challenges designed to test their creative and problem-solving abilities, and the results determine the winner, who receives the tempting $100,000 in prize money. Following its debut, the series gained a lot of popularity, and it now has a sizable following all over the world.

Meet the Contestants (Cast) Of Crime Scene Kitchen Season 2!

Of course, Crime Scene Kitchen was renewed for Season 2 and has already even started airing. 2 episodes have been released so far. On the other hand, many viewers have been interested to know about the contestants/cast of Season 2. Well, here is the complete list of the contestants with their hometowns.

  1. Bob Deluca and Vikki Deluca - Freehold, New Jersey
  2. Amber Croom and Yassmeen Haskins - Baltimore, Maryland
  3. Laissa Forlini and Camille Marion - Jersey City, New Jersey & New York, NY
  4. Enrique “Ricky” Saucedo and David “DJ” Thomas -  Atlanta, Georgia
  5. Christina Mathis and Jenae Cartwright - Bothell, Washington State & Auburn, Washington State
  6. Sherry Mach and Sally Mach - Fullerton, California & Anaheim, California
  7. Torre Liebchen and Michelle Micek -  Saddle Brook, New Jersey
  8. Steph HSU and Sin Yi Cherry Lau - Baltimore, Maryland
  9. Donovan Peters and Dayveon Shawver - Los Angeles, California
  10. Kathleen Regelman and Hannah Reyes - Wausau, Wisconsin
  11. T Lawrence-Simon and Fadi Odeh - Sommerville, Massachusetts & Austin, Texas
  12. Kristy Gardner and Tarsha Joyner - Richmond, Virginia &  Lynchburg, Virginia

While some contestants of Crime Scene Kitchen are professionally trained, others are self-taught. blurred-reality.comWhile some contestants of Crime Scene Kitchen are professionally trained, others are self-taught.
Image Source: Reality Blurred

While the first 12 contestants from the above list are classically trained bakers, the rest of the 12 contestants are self-taught bakers.

Is Crime Scene Kitchen Real or Scripted?

The creators of Crime Scene Kitchen have presented it as an unscripted show, like most other baking programs, and we have no reason to doubt them. One must keep in mind, though, that because it is a reality program with competition at its core, the production staff is essential to making sure that the challenges are put up appropriately and that they go off without a hitch.

Crime Scene Kitchen is not scripted. blurred-reality.comCrime Scene Kitchen is not scripted.
Image Source: FoodSided

However, despite the crew's careful placement of all the ingredients and hints on set, each show is determined by the participant's performances. Additionally, the contestant teams frequently predict and make the incorrect dessert, showing that they are absolutely lost when they show up on the filming set.

Instead, they mostly rely on their knowledge, expertise, and instinct to figure out the meal in front of them. Additionally, because the final meal frequently does not turn out as the chef had hoped, one can never completely foresee how a culinary challenge will turn out. However, since it is reality television, entertainment plays a big role in its attractiveness.

Therefore, even while the competition may not be scripted, the reactions and exchanges between the judges and candidates may be subtly changed to add intrigue to each show. Additionally, as was already noted, each challenge's clues do adhere to a particular approach chosen by the creators.

The challenges are, therefore, pre-planned and delivered in accordance with a set of instructions, even if they aren't totally scripted. Last but not least, each episode undoubtedly undergoes a little amount of tinkering on the edit table to package it in accordance with the demands of reality TV.

The culinary show's behind-the-scenes segment and the standards for scoring the desserts are, however, clearly the only aspects that follow a written plan or set of principles, since much of what we observe on TV is unfiltered and spontaneous. Taking into account everything said above, we can state with certainty that Crime Scene Kitchen is primarily unscripted and that anything that seems excessive shouldn't be taken seriously.

Crime Scene Kitchen is currently streaming on Fox.

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