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Clint Malarchuk’s Scar After His Neck Injury!

Oct 30, 2023 @ 23:14 EDT
Clint Malarchuk’s Scar After His Neck Injury!

Clint Malarchuk still has a visible scar on his neck that he got from an injury after an opponent's blade cut his throat during a Buffalo Sabres vs. St. Louis Blues game in 1989.

Clint Malarchuk, a former professional NHL player who also served as a coach for several NHL teams after his retirement, is mostly renowned for a horrific accident during a game in 1989 than his professional career.

Clint, who was playing for the Buffalo Sabres, had his jugular vein cut in 1989 when an opposing player's skate got into his throat during a live hockey game resulting in severe bleeding on the spot. If you wish to watch the clip, it is available on YouTube.

He was immediately rushed into the hospital and treated. Fortunately, nothing serious happened and he was fine days later. However, that did leave a mark that has been on his neck ever since. If you look at his neck closely, you can observe he has a pretty visible scar. Well, let's discuss his injury in detail.

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The Horrific Injury That Left a Scar on Clint Malarchuk’s Neck!

Clint Malarchuk's scar on his neck was the result of a gruesome and life-threatening injury he sustained during an NHL game on March 22, 1989. He was playing for the Buffalo Sabres at the time. There's a reason why it is often referred to as one of the most horrifying moments in the history of the NHL.

Clint Malarchuk got his scar in 1989 after an opponent's blade cut his throat during an NHL game. blurred-reality.comClint Malarchuk got his scar in 1989 after an opponent's blade cut his throat during an NHL game.
Image Source: NHL

The Buffalo Sabres and St. Louis Blues were playing each other during the game. Steve Tuttle of the Blues, an opponent, and Malarchuk unintentionally collided in the crease during the second period, resulting in Tuttle's skate blade making contact with Malarchuk's throat. Malarchuk's major neck blood vessel, the carotid artery, was cut by Tuttle's skate blade.

Blood poured from the wound onto the ice in massive amounts. Many players, spectators, and even some of the arena's medical staff became physically unwell as a result of the horrific sight of the blood.

Despite his potentially fatal wound, Clint Malarchuk, however, showed amazing calmness by reflexively grabbing his throat to attempt and stop the bleeding. Jim Pizzutelli, the team's trainer, rushed to his help and started pressing on the wound right away.

Malarchuk was taken to the hospital right away, and his injured carotid artery was repaired during an emergency surgery. He made it through the injury, thanks to the prompt attention of the medical team and his own common sense on the ice. Despite suffering substantial blood loss, he was able to recover.

Following Malarchuk's accident, the NHL implemented further safety protocols, including the usage of neck guards and the placement of specially trained medical workers to handle emergency situations. He resumed playing professional hockey after his injury healed, eventually resigning to become a coach instead of a player.

Even though it has been over 3 decades since the incident, Clink Malarchuk's scar is still visible to this date. It's incredible how he was able to recover from the injury and will forever be written in the history of the NHL.

Clint Malarchuk Reacts to Adam Johnson’s Death!

Adam Johnson died on October 28 after a skate blade sliced his neck during an EIHL game. blurred-reality.comAdam Johnson died on October 28 after a skate blade sliced his neck during an EIHL game.
Image Source: Getty Images

Clint Malarchuk awoke to dozens of messages and missed calls from friends checking in and journalists seeking comment on a horrible on-ice event that was disturbingly identical to the one that had tormented him for decades.

Adam Johnson, a 29-year-old forward with the Nottingham Panthers, passed away on October 28 in the Elite Ice Hockey League after a skate blade sliced his neck. The incident brought back memories of Malarchuk's terrifying near-death experience when the goalie for the Buffalo Sabres was hit in the neck by a skate blade during a goalmouth collision. He said,

I have to be really conscious of what’s going on. The PTSD is real. It definitely triggers. But I have my tools.

The stress began as soon as Malarchuk began scrolling through his text messages. He made an effort to avoid learning of Johnson's death, but he was unable to do so. He added,

Total anxiety. I can feel it. It overwhelms you.

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