Christine Quinn’s Weight Loss: Diet and Exercise & Daily Workout Routine!

Owen Weimann

Christine Quinn's Weight Loss: Diet and Exercise & Daily Workout Routine!

Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn, the latest subject of weight loss in 2022 (along with her diet and exercise) has always been the queen bee. Quinn, who is called the show’s “villain”, is an expert at selling million-dollar properties as well as speaking her mind, no matter how painful the truth may be. Lately, Christine Quinn is also quite popular for another reason: her weight loss. Fans have shown an interest in knowing about the American television personality’s weight loss journey, how she lost weight, plus her daily workout routine.

Christine Quinn (born on October 14, 1998) is an American real estate agent, entrepreneur, and television personality who rose to prominence after appearing on Netflix‘s reality show Selling Sunset. She is also well-known for her roles in television shows such as NCIS: Los Angeles and Drop Dead Diva. Christine previously worked in the entertainment and fashion industries, but she later changed her career path after discovering her passion for architecture. She has also recently released her first book, How to Be a Boss B&tch.

Christine started her career as a model after completing graduation and subsequently posed for various global brands. Besides modeling, in 2010, Christine made her acting debut as Lisa in the comedy movie The Father of Invention.

Christine Quinn appeared alongside entrepreneurs and real estate agents in Netflix’s reality show Selling Sunset in 2019. The show was a commercial success, and season 4 was recently released on May 26th, 2022, with season 5 on the way. Christine was nominated for a Critics’ Choice Real TV Award for her outstanding performance in the show.

After her recent appearance on the reality show, Selling Sunset, the television personality has gained more popularity and viewers are interested to find out about her weight loss. So, let’s discuss the topic!

Christine Quinn’s Weight Loss Journey: What Are The Reasons Behind The American Entrepreneur’s Major Transformation?

Christine Quinn (@thechristinequinn) has managed to surprise everyone with her incredible transformation; weight loss. Her fans are responding positively to her postpartum transformation photos that she shared on social media.

Christine has recently discussed her weight loss plans, admitting that she prefers home-cooked food prepared by herself more than processed foods. Christine recently admitted on her Instagram accounts that she is undergoing EMSculpt, a new treatment that focuses on fat burning and muscle building. She has also called EMSculpt to be her favorite procedure.

EMSculpt is a treatment that does not require surgery and instead uses an electromagnetic field to force a muscle contraction, resulting in fat loss and muscle growth. The treatment is said to cost around €2,000 for either the tummy or buttocks. They’ve only recently begun treating arms, which cost around €1,500.

Christine Quinn has also recently gone through a difficult pregnancy. During her delivery, she had to have an emergency C section. Christine stated that her baby was coming out sideways with his umbilical cord wrapped around him. Her fans, however, are skeptical about her recovery time and how she looks so fit after giving birth to a baby because her delivery was such a challenge. One person even tweeted,

Working out one or two weeks after you had a C-section and your heart stopped, so you almost died, is a little suspicious, not to say quite impossible. The huge scar would have popped open… I just wish you the best and that you get the help you need!

Christine, on the other hand, wrote that after having a C section, she never worked out again and that it took her four months to get back into yoga.

Her pregnancy was so terrifying that she was told she would not be having another child anytime soon. She even experienced postpartum depression at times. She enjoys sharing photos of her baby on Instagram. People started spreading strange rumors about how she faked her pregnancy because she was healthy and people saw her amazing transformation in just a few months.

Christine Quinn’s EMSculpt treatment appears to have worked for her, as evidenced by her Instagram photos, which show a significant weight loss and a wonderful glow.

The Selling Sunset Star, Christine Quinn Left The Real State Agency, The Oppenheim Group

Christine Quinn, a Netflix star who recently released her first book, How to Be a Boss B&tch, discusses her future on Selling Sunset. During the April launch of her and husband Christian Dumontet‘s new crypto real estate venture, RealOpen, the reality star told People she recently left celebrity real estate agency the Oppenheim Group. Christine told People,

I terminated my contract when the brokerage launched, I had to make a business decision that was for me, so I had to terminate the contract so I could move it over to my brokerage.