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Christina Aistrup Hansen in Real Life: Where Is She Today? Interview & Images; The Nurse Update!

May 5, 2023 @ 5:54 EDT
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Christina Aistrup Hansen in Real Life: Where Is She Today? Interview & Images; The Nurse Update!

Talking about her real life, Christina Aistrup Hansen from Netflix's The Nurse has been charged with murdering three patients and attempting to murder a fourth. As of today, she is still in prison. Follow to know what she said in interviews with her real images.

While there is no denying that we frequently place blind trust in medical professionals due to the extensive training they receive, there have been a few cases that demonstrate why we shouldn't. After all, like in any profession, they are not only regular humans who are sure to make mistakes at some point, but some also have unpredictable psychotic inclinations lurking beneath their skin.

Among them was Christina Aistrup Hansen, who was thoroughly explored in Netflix's The Nurse (2023). So if you are curious to learn more about her real life and wonder where is she today, we've got the details for you.

The Real Life Christina Aistrup Hansen Is Still in a Danish Prison Completing Her Sentence and Will Be Released in 2028!

According to sources, it took Pernille Kurzmann Larsen catching her former friend and mentor Christina Aistrup Hansena red-handed the night before to cause her to plead not guilty on the spot. In the summer of 2016, she faced a 27-day trial with more than 70 witnesses, which resulted in her conviction on three charges of murder and one count of attempted murder. The nurse was sentenced to life in prison, but it was commuted to 12 years in 2017 when a forensic examination revealed that the patient died as a direct result of her medical abuse.

Real life Christina Aistrup Hansen.Real life Christina Aistrup Hansen.
Image Source: BT

All charges against Christina Aistrup Hansen were thus reduced to attempted manslaughter, but she was still convicted of dosing her 7-year-old daughter with excessive sleeping pills. A forensic psychological evaluation conducted during her trial revealed that she has a histrionic personality disorder, which is characterized by intense attention-seeking behavior. As a result, today the nearly 40-year-old is still detained at a local correctional institution in Denmark, where she is anticipated to remain for another five or so years — until the summer of 2028. In an interview with Kristian Corfixen for the Netflix's The Nurse, Christina acknowledged,

I was extremely outgoing in the emergency situations at the hospital because I really liked them and was hugely fascinated. People say it’s abnormal to be happy when an alarm goes off, but that’s how I was. And I never made it a secret that I thought the days when no sick patients came were really boring.

As for her conviction, she declared,

Many in here talk about one day reaching a point where you come to terms with your judgment. But I haven’t gotten there yet. I’m not ready to let go of my anger and frustration, and I don’t know what it takes to be able to do that. I’m afraid that point will never come.

Although records indicate Christina Aistrup Hansen was born in 1984 as a Danish native through and through, little else about her early years or familial life is known to provide insight into her core reality. That's because she's always wanted to keep these facts out of the spotlight, despite the fact that she's always expressed a strong desire to assist others in times of crisis. That is why, in the mid-2000s, she enrolled at Herlev Nursing School in order to complete her final exams at Nykbing Falster Hospital before joining the same as a full-time employee in 2009, at the age of 24.

Josephine Park plays the role of Christina Aistrup Hansen in Netflix's The Nurse.Josephine Park plays the role of Christina Aistrup Hansen in Netflix's The Nurse.
Image Source: Twitter

Christina began her career in the comparatively steady M130 department, but after three years she supposedly transferred to the Accident-Emergency wing in order to challenge herself further. However, it's important to note that this move occurred at a time when speculations about her 72-year-old patient Arne Herskov's unexpected death were at an all-time high. Nonetheless, the truth is that she was held in high regard by both colleagues and superiors — she did have personal issues, but they were mostly overlooked due to her seemingly stellar performances.

In part, the 2022 book The Nurse: The True Story Behind One of Scandinavia's Most Notorious Criminal Trials by famous writer Kristian Corfixen states that,

[Christina] was appreciated for her nursing skills. …She soon had a reputation at the hospital for being ambitious and very committed to her work. But [she] was also known as a controversial person… Several nurses on the ward disliked her. Some of them no longer wanted to work with her. She made them feel ‘uncomfortable,’ they told their supervisor. There was something ‘about’ her which they simply could not fathom.

That is until Pernille entered the images in 2014 and noted Christina Aistrup Hansen's exaggerated mannerisms, realizing there was much more going on than any of them could have thought. It turned revealed that the latter was using her night shifts to deliver deadly amounts of morphine and diazepam to patients, only to leap in to save them when their situations rapidly deteriorated. The truth is that while this then-single mother did rescue many of those she damaged to fulfill her attention complex, she also lost some of them, ending in her arrest on March 1, 2015.

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