Cash Nasty Wife: Who Is His Daughter’s Mama? Is He Married?

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Cash Nasty Wife: Who Is His Daughter’s Mama? Is He Married? Many people wonder if Cash Nasty is married and who his wife is as he recently revealed that he has a daughter named Ava who is already a year old. Well, here is what we have speculated. 

Cassius Jeremy Clay, better known as Cash Nasty, is a YouTuber, Twitch streamer, and content creator from the United States who is popular for his entertaining videos, gaming videos, and vlogs.

He started his WhatChaMaCalling YouTube channel in 2013. Later, he renamed the channel’s name to CashNasty. He has always enjoyed making other people laugh and enjoys doing standup comedy. After one of his friends advised him to start sharing his amusing content on YouTube, he began uploading videos and became renowned. He shares amusing videos, NBA2K streams, and vlogs.

Recently, Cash Nasty uploaded a video on his YouTube channel introducing his daughter, Ava Clay, for the first time. With the release of the video, many fans have been curious to know who his wife & baby mama is. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Cash Nasty Has Yet to Reveal Who His Wife and Daughter’s Mama Is!

Last week, Cash Nasty (@cashnasty) surprised every one of us revealing that he has a daughter named Ava Clay. He even showed his daughter on the video as well as posted pictures of her on his Instagram. What shocked us even more is that Ava is already a year old. As a result, fans immediately started looking for details about his wife or let’s say his baby mama.

Unfortunately, there is not a single clue about his possible wife. We have no idea who his baby mama is. We checked his YouTube videos and scrolled his Instagram posts but found nothing about his possible romance.

Cash Nasty has not revealed who his wife is. blurred-reality.comCash Nasty has not revealed who his wife is.
Image Source: Instagram

However, we believe Cash Nasty isn’t married yet. Considering we didn’t find a single picture of him wearing a wedding ring, we believe he has yet to marry his baby mama.

In the same YouTube video in which he reveals his daughter, we see him playing basketball with his daughter as they prepare to go shopping. And if you’ve noticed, a woman is holding the camera. We are certain that the person holding a camera is a woman as she giggles time and again and we are pretty sure it’s the voice of a woman. There’s a high chance the woman is his baby mama.

Cash Nasty and his daughter, Ava Clay. blurred-reality.comCash Nasty and his daughter, Ava Clay.
Image Source: Instagram

On the other hand, many of you might wonder if he is dating Briana Green, the girl featured in his YouTube video titled “I Found A New Partner.” Well, she isn’t. We went through her Instagram and can confirm that she has never been pregnant. He just referred to her as his new partner as he was very impressed with her basketball skills.

In conclusion, we can say nothing’s confirmed for now. All of the given information is completely based on our speculation. And to be honest, we wouldn’t be surprised if Cash Nasty is already married and his baby mama is his wife. Let’s not forget that he was able to hide the fact that he had a daughter for over a year.

What About Cash Nasty’s Past? Meet His Ex-girlfriend!

At one point, Cash Nasty and his ex-girlfriend, Ashley, were one of the most popular internet couples. According to reports, the two began dating in 2007 and were in a relationship for a decade until splitting up in 2017.

Cash announced their split in February 2017, but later clarified on Twitter that it was all a “joke.” However, things were already out of hand when they parted for good and didn’t reveal why.

Ashley went by the nickname AshONasty while they were together. Furthermore, the former couple even shared a YouTube channel, CashNAshVlogs. It is no longer in operation. They also deleted photos of one other from their Instagram accounts after they split.

Cash’s YouTube page, however, still features videos involving his ex-lover, such as one titled “Surprising my girlfriend on her birthday” from May 2017.