How Did Casey Neistat Fix His Teeth?

Bikram Karki

How Did Casey Neistat Fix His Teeth? – Casey Neistat, who previously had crooked teeth, fixed his teeth by simply getting braces. Additionally, he has been transparent about how he overcame his dental problem.

Casey Neistat is a popular YouTube personality, filmmaker, vlogger, and entrepreneur, best known for his compelling YouTube videos. He rose to prominence for his distinct narrative style and adventurous personality.

He co-founded Beme, a social media business that was eventually acquired by CNN. His YouTube channel has millions of subscribers and he shares his daily life, trips, and insights on creativity. His unique style of cinematography and open storytelling has garnered him great recognition and influence in the digital media industry.

Meanwhile, many fans have been curious to know about Casey Neistat’s teeth for years as he had crooked teeth at the beginning of his YouTube. Now that he appears to have normal teeth, people want to know how he fixed his teeth. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Braces Was All Casey Neistat Needed to Fix His His Teeth!

Casey Neistat‘s (@caseyneistat) teeth have been a defining element of his career as a filmmaker, vlogger, and entrepreneur. He rose to prominence through his candid storytelling and adventurous spirit, which he showcases in his YouTube videos.

Despite cultural pressures to conform to traditional beauty standards, Neistat freely showed off his imperfect teeth, frequently emphasizing authenticity and self-acceptance over physical looks.

His decision not to get braces became part of his image, connecting with his audience and strengthening his message of accepting flaws. However, in an unexpected turn of events in 2012, Neistat stated on Instagram that he had finally decided to have braces.

This surprise choice stirred interest and drew major attention from his followers. Neistat highlighted his personal experience with the audience, emphasizing his dedication to self-improvement and advancement in areas other than his work. He now has normal teeth. Some even claim that he did something to whiten his teeth. However, he previously clarified that his white teeth in YouTube videos are the result of Photoshop. Taking to X (previously known as Twitter), he wrote,

my teeth are not that white. photoshop was involved to make those pearls shine

Despite the alteration in his looks, Casey Neistat’s sincerity and real connection to his audience remained intact. His willingness to reveal this aspect of his life demonstrated his belief in transparency and vulnerability, strengthening his position and impact in the digital media ecosystem.

Meet Casey Neistat’s Wife, Candice Pool!

Casey Neistat has been married to his longtime partner, Candice Pool (@billy), since 2013. The couple first met in 2005 while Candice used to work as a jewelry designer, and Casey lived in New York City. They met after Candice requested a ride home from a party, and Casey offered to drive her.

Despite their initial connection, they both had other relationships at the time. Years later, they reconnected and began dating. They got engaged in 2013 during a trip to the Maldives when Casey proposed with a Haribo gummy ring while diving. The pair married on December 29, 2013, in a small, personal ceremony in Cape Town, South Africa. They have since welcomed two children.

Casey Neistat and his wife, Candice Pool. blurred-reality.comCasey Neistat and his wife, Candice Pool.
Image Source: Instagram

As for her profession, Candice Pool is a jewelry designer and entrepreneur who is best known for her Finn Jewelry line. She has established a successful career in the fashion sector, developing exquisite and simple designs that have garnered attention from celebrities and fashion aficionados alike. Casey and Candice have become a well-known and influential pair in both the artistic and entrepreneurial worlds as a result of their shared experiences and support.

According to reports, Casey and his wife live in New York with their two children and host the podcast Couples Therapy with Candice and Casey.