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Caleb From Big Mouth: Is He Autistic? What’s Wrong With Him? Reddit Discusses if He Has Autism!

Oct 27, 2023 @ 1:24 EDT
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Caleb From Big Mouth: Is He Autistic? What’s Wrong With Him? Reddit Discusses if He Has Autism!

Caleb from Big Mouth is one of the highlights of season 7. However, viewers wonder what is wrong with him since he is socially awkward. Is he autistic? Well, here is what Reddit believes.

Big Mouth, an adult animated series on Netflix, is hilariously ridiculous, shamelessly edgy, and incredibly socially conscious. It centers on tweens, teens, and the mayhem of adolescence.

The award-winning program, created by Jennifer Flackett, Andrew Goldberg, Nick Kroll, and Mark Levin, centers on Nick Birch, Andrew Glouberman, and their school friends as they employ their Hormone Monsters to help them navigate the highs and lows of growing up.

The coming-of-age series has received praise for its outstanding examination of relevant subjects like sexuality, sexism, mental health concerns, familial dynamics, and identity.

Season 7 of the show just arrived on the streaming platform. Along with major characters, this season also focuses on Caleb, one of the recurring characters. Since he is awkward socially, many viewers wonder if he is autistic. What do you think? Does he have autism? Well, let's find it out together.

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Is Caleb From Big Mouth Autistic? What’s Wrong With Him?

On Big Mouth, Caleb is a much-underappreciated character who truly needs to have more screen time. He consistently delivers the funniest lines when he makes an appearance in an episode and is a terrific comic presence. He's simply too amusing not to like. And it seems the creators did what viewers wanted in Season 7, more screen time.

To be more specific, Caleb is a 14-year-old ninth-grade student at Bridgeton High School. Along with Andrew, Lars, and Missy, he was a member of the school jazz club in the past. In addition, Caleb worked as the school news channel's cameraman.

Despite his natural tendency toward social awkwardness and introversion, Caleb has established a few friendships with members of the jazz club and, of course, Matthew. But why is socially awkward? What's wrong with him?

Well, Caleb seems to have a mental disorder, however, Big Mouth has never specified what it is. Nevertheless, a lot of viewers are convinced that he is autistic. There are more than enough reasons why viewers believe he has autism.

Caleb appears to be autistic even though Big Mouth has never specified his disorder. blurred-reality.comCaleb appears to be autistic even though Big Mouth has never specified his disorder.
Image Source: Netflix

Due to his poor social skills, Caleb finds it difficult to connect and blend in with other children. He uses a monotone, flat voice. He is very unusual or devoid of emotional expression. He has trouble understanding non-verbal communication. He also uses a chart that shows various moods to represent people's feelings as a result; younger autistic persons frequently utilize this tool.

Similarly, he has an exceptionally high IQ and comprehension of rational, complicated subjects. He shows an unusually strong emotional bond with inanimate objects, like his bag. These traits clearly indicate that he has autism.

Reddit Discusses Caleb & Austim on Big Mouth Season 7!

Reddit users love how Big Mouth has portrayed Caleb's character despite having autism. blurred-reality.comReddit users love how Big Mouth has portrayed Caleb's character despite having autism.
Image Source: Netflix

Caleb, who had a minimum screen time in previous seasons of Big Mouth, has become one of the highlights of Season 7. Matter of fact, the new season has a whole episode dedicated to him.

On the other hand, some viewers took to Reddit and discussed his personality and importance in the show. One person started a discussion writing,

I don’t know how Caleb didn’t stand out more to me in previous seasons. But seriously, the portrayal of autism through their character.. chef’s kiss! In revision of my original statement, the format of the entire show stood out to me because of the personification of human feelings/emotions which in essence is an amplified reflection of how many autistic individuals process and understand the world/social interactions. 

In the same post, another user replied,

Their portrayal of masking, with Logic Rock reminding Caleb to do things like ask his friend about himself, was so accurate. That is exactly what it feels like to have to learn the rules of neurotypical communication. I also like that Caleb wasn’t masking all the time, just selectively to keep up his bond with his friend.

Similarly, another wrote,

Caleb is my new favorite character I was LIVID when they took his map and matthew left him

Big Mouth is now streaming on Netflix.

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