Actor Blake Ritson Plays the Role of Dr. Gailey in The Crown

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Actor Blake Ritson Plays the Role of Dr. Gailey in The Crown – Actor Blake Ritson plays the role of Dr. Gailey in Netflix’s The Crown. He has been in the show since Season 5. Despite having very limited screen time, his performance has impressed many viewers. Well, let’s know more about the actor and the character in detail.

The Crown on Netflix is a historical drama series created by Peter Morgan that is based on true events and was inspired by Stephen Frears‘ drama film, The Queen, from 2006.

It portrays Queen Elizabeth II‘s life and how her personal life and the politics of the monarchy influence her decisions and reign. Part 1 of Season 6 of the series was released in mid-November and the second part has finally arrived on our screen.

On the other hand, many viewers have been curious to know about actor Blake Ritson who has been playing the role of Dr. Andrew Gailey since season 5 of The Crown. Well, we’ve got you covered.

Blake Ritson Is the Actor Behind Dr. Gailey in The Crown!

Actor Blake Ritson does not have much screen time on The Crown but the character he plays has a significant role in the storyline. He plays the role of Dr. Andrew Gailey. According to IMDb, he has been featured in 4 episodes since he debuted in Season 5.

Actor Blake Ritson as Dr. Gailey in The Crown. blurred-reality.comActor Blake Ritson as Dr. Gailey in The Crown.
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In case you’re unaware, Dr. Andrew Gailey taught history at Eton College since 1981 and served as a housemaster from 1993 to 2006. Gailey, a graduate of St Andrew’s and the University of Cambridge, is also a well-known author who has written several history books, including Ireland and the Death of Kindness and Crying in the Wilderness: Jack Sayers, A Liberal Editor in Ulster.

It is said he is married and has one daughter, yet their names have been withheld. Gailey mentions in The Crown having a wife who has leukemia, but it’s unclear if this was the case in real life because he hasn’t spoken publicly about his life.

On the other hand, Blake Ritson totally nails playing the role of Dr. Gailey in the Netflix series. Even though his screen time was very limited, many viewers have observed his performance and are praising him.

Other than that, his acting career has spanned television, film, and theater. His credits include everything from period pieces to fantasy shows. One of his most prominent roles was as Girolamo Riario in the historical fantasy series Da Vinci’s Demons, in which he played the nemesis of Tom Riley‘s Leonardo da Vinci. His portrayal of Riario drew praise for its depth and complexities.

In addition to Da Vinci’s Demons, Blake Ritson has appeared in other TV shows, including Indian Summers, Upstairs Downstairs, and Krypton, where he played the role Brainiac. He’s also appeared in films such as Serena and RocknRolla.

More About Dr. Andrew Gailey: Where Is He Now?

Dr. Andrew Gailey is no longer a teacher at Eton, but he is Vice-Provost and a Fellow of the College. He is still highly regarded, with MP Jacob Rees-Mogg praising him as “a man of the utmost propriety and integrity.”

Gailey clearly has a place in the Royal Family’s affections, since he attended both Prince William & Kate Middleton‘s and Prince Harry & Meghan Markle‘s weddings. In addition, the Queen awarded him the rank of Commander of the Royal Victorian Order (CVO).

Dr. Gailey is still in touch with the Royal family. blurred-reality.comDr. Gailey is still in touch with the Royal family.
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His most recent book, The Lost Imperialist: Lord Dufferin, Memory, and Mythmaking in an Age of Celebrity, received the Elizabeth Longford Prize for Historical Biography in 2016. It is now believed that he is writing another book about Frances Horner, the pre-Raphaelite Edward Burne Jones’s muse and a leading light in the elite group The Souls.