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Beth Stelling’s Husband: Drama With Ex-boyfriend, Cale Hartmann, Explained!

Oct 5, 2023 @ 2:26 EDT
Beth Stelling’s Husband: Drama With Ex-boyfriend, Cale Hartmann, Explained!

Beth Stelling does not have a husband or a boyfriend at the moment. However, we do know about a few of her past relationships, including her abusive ex-boyfriend, Cale Hartmann. Well, let's dig into what really happened.

Beth Stelling is back with her new Netflix special titled If You Didn’t Want Me Then, three years after the success of her special, Girl Daddy. Her new special features her upbringing with her mother in Ohio, her father in Florida, and her relationship status.

Beth, a stand-up comedian who grew up in Chicago's nightclubs, has made a name for herself in the business through sheer determination and genuine talent. She began working in the industry in 2012. She got her breakthrough after the release of her debut comedy album, Sweet Beth. Since then, she has become one of the most popular female stand-up comedians in the country.

With the release of her new special, we've found that many people have been curious to know if she has a husband or a boyfriend at the moment. Similarly, they also seek more details about her ex-boyfriend who, she claims, abused her during their relationship. Well, we've got you covered.

Beth Stelling Does Not Have a Husband or a Boyfriend in 2023!

As of this writing, Beth Stelling (@bethstelling) does not appear to have a husband or a boyfriend, not that we are aware of at least. Her Instagram profile does not indicate anything about her possible romance.

Beth Stelling does not have a husband since she has never been married. blurred-reality.comBeth Stelling does not have a husband since she has never been married.
Image Source: Instagram

Matter of fact, she made plenty of jokes and elaborated how what it is like to live as a single woman in her new Netflix special. If everything she said is true, it is safe to assume that she does not have a boyfriend at the moment.

However, we do know a few people she has dated in the past. In 2015, she revealed that she was abused by her ex-boyfriend while they were in a relationship. She was dating another comedian Sam Morril at the time. Even though she didn't name who her abusive ex-boyfriend was, Sam later revealed that the person she was talking about was Cale Hartmann, another comedian.

In conclusion, we can say that Beth Stelling is currently living a happy single life. We hope she gets the man of her dream and get married soon. We will surely get back to you as soon as we get any updates about her possible husband.

Drama Between Beth Stelling & Ex-boyfriend, Cale Hartmann, Explained!

Beth Stelling and her ex-boyfriend, Cale Hartmann. blurred-reality.comBeth Stelling and her ex-boyfriend, Cale Hartmann.
Image Source: Daily Mail

Beth Stelling stunned her followers in 2015 when she revealed the details of her breakup in an Instagram post. It wasn't a story about incompatibility or about how their hobbies didn't match. Even though the image has now been taken down, which is understandable, her supporters will never forget the details Stelling bravely disclosed to them.

In addition to sharing her experiences as a survivor of domestic rape with everyone, Beth also provided a graphic depiction of the excruciating suffering she had through. She revealed a history of sexual abuse from an ex-boyfriend, an unknown fellow comic who was later found to be Cale Hartmann, in an effort to bring attention to the problem.

In a bold Instagram confession, Beth stated, "It’s embarrassing. I feel stupid. After being verbally, physically abused, and raped, I dated him for two more months. It’s not simple.”  Meanwhile, her ex-boyfriend Cale denied took no time to deny the allegation. In a statement, he wrote,

I was incredibly hurt to see my ex-girlfriend had made public accusations across all of her social media platforms that tell a story so far beyond the truth. The severity of her accusations are false and extremely harmful. I'm not sure she realizes the irreparable harm of her actions.

Beth Stelling and Cale reportedly broke up in 2014. No charges were ever pressed against Cale. Stelling only intended to come clean in order to be genuine to herself and have a clear conscience.

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