Backyard Blowout on Peacock – Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer & More!

Natalia Romanova

Backyard Blowout on Peacock - Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer & More!

Backyard Blowout is a Peacock original show that premieres on 16th September 2021 with 11 episodes. Learn full details of cast, plot, release date & trailer.

Backyard Blowout, a completely fresh Peacock Original, is available on the streaming platform this week. Previously, ahead of its 16th September premiere, the show dropped its first trailer.

This fascinating show is Peacock‘s first foray into the field of DIY design, creativity, and home improvements in the kids and family reality programming segment, with a second series — Create the Escape — to follow.

Backyard Blowout Peacock Cast

Backyard Blowout takes a fresh spin on the current home remodeling series by following parents wanting to renovate their backyards but only using their kid’s ideas.

As shown in the trailer, the adults are sent away while the youngsters offer suggestions for their ideal backyards.

Jonathan Kidder (Waffles & Mochi) and outdoor design specialist Sana Garner shall be serving as hosts for the Peacock Original.

Executive producers include Max Weissman, Matt Levine, Tim Robbins, and Emmy winner Sue Seide.

Backyard Blowout Peacock Release Date

Backyard Blowout premieres on Peacock TV  on 16th September 2021 with 11 episodes. A perfect show for binge-watching!


Backyard Blowout is a new makeover series that encourages children to reconstruct their family’s backyard and build an exciting new area for the entire family.

They must strike a balance between the thrill of their imaginations and the burden of their family’s necessities. What sets this show apart is that the layout is entirely up to the children.

The series will give kids the chance to build the practically unimaginable in their backyards, from multi-level treehouses to thrill rides, kitchenette to saunas, and yes, even a vibrant retreat for the family chicken.

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