Ashley Newbrough: Is She Married? 2024 Update!

Smith Wilson

Ashley Newbrough: Is She Married? – Love on the Right Course star Ashley Newbrough does not appear to be married in 2024. She was dating Matt Shively. Their current relationship status is unclear.

The enchanting world of Hallmark movies is once again graced by the presence of Ashley Newbrough, known for her heartwarming performances and captivating presence on screen. As fans eagerly await the release of her latest venture, Love on the Right Course, whispers about Ashley’s relationship status have sparked curiosity. Join us on a journey through her past dating life, her flourishing career, and the captivating plot of her upcoming film.

Is ‘Love on the Right Course’ Star Ashley Newbrough Married?

Ashley Newbrough (@ashleynewbrough), the 36-year-old actress, has charmed audiences with her roles in The CW series Privileged and various Hallmark Channel and Lifetime movies. A significant aspect of her personal life that has piqued the interest of fans revolves around her past relationship with actor Matt Shively. The couple shared a long-term connection, evident from their beach vacation with another famous couple back in 2019.

However, recent observations on social media have left fans wondering about the current status of Ashley’s relationship. It appears that she and Matt Shively might have parted ways, as their shared photos have become scarce, and Matt has seemingly removed most of their pictures from his account. While the couple still follows each other on social media, the lack of recent public appearances raises questions about the current dynamics of their relationship.

Ashley Newbrough was dating Matt Shively, but they're not married. blurred-reality.comAshley Newbrough was dating Matt Shively, but they’re not married.
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Amidst the speculation surrounding her personal life, Ashley Newbrough is stealing hearts once again in the Hallmark movie Love on the Right Course. Released on January 6, 2024, this romance-drama, set in Budapest, follows the journey of a golfer, Whitney (played by Ashley), who returns home to manage a family golf course after her father’s injury. The plot thickens as Whitney’s dreams intertwine with those of Daniel, the charming groundskeeper played by Marcus Rosner.

Ashley Newbrough’s journey in the entertainment industry has been nothing short of prolific. Breaking into the scene with her role as Audrey Quinlan in the high-school-based series Radio Free Roscoe, she solidified her status as a talented actress with her portrayal of Sage Barker in The CW series Privileged in 2018. Beyond her Hallmark successes, Ashley continues to explore diverse roles, with her recent project, A Bestselling Kind of Love, alongside Jason Diaz and Nahanni Johnstone.

As fans delve into the world of Ashley Newbrough, the question of her marital status lingers. Is she married? Is she dating someone? What’s her relationship status? The mysteries of her personal life, combined with the anticipation surrounding her latest Hallmark movie, add an extra layer of intrigue to her narrative.

Whether love blooms on the right course for Ashley in real life or remains a tantalizing enigma, her dedicated fan base eagerly awaits each chapter of her story, both on and off the screen.