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Aria Mia Loberti Ethnicity & Nationality: Details on Her Parents!

Nov 4, 2023 @ 0:16 EDT
Aria Mia Loberti Ethnicity & Nationality: Details on Her Parents!

Born and raised in Rhode Island, Aria Mia Loberti is American by nationality and is of White ethnicity. However, details about her parents have not been revealed yet. 

Created by Steven Knight and Shawn LevyAll the Light We Cannot See is a drama series on Netflix that transports viewers to World War II. This four-part series explores the lives of German soldier Werner and blind French girl Marie-Laure as their paths cross in occupied France during the turbulent period of World War II. The series promises an engrossing voyage through history and human connection with captivating storytelling and outstanding performances.

Even though the series features multiple prominent actors, including Mark Ruffalo, it is the Marie-Laure actress, Aria Mia Loberti, who has been in the spotlight since the release of the show. She has totally nailed it with her performance and has managed to gather a lot of fans of her own.

With her increasing popularity, a lot of people have been curious to know more about her, including her ethnicity and nationality. Well, we've got you covered.

American by Nationality, Aria Mia Loberti Is of White Ethnicity!

If you've watched All the Light We Cannot See, you might have noticed that Aria Mia Loberti's character has an English accent even though she plays the role of a French girl in the series. This has made many viewers wonder about her ethnicity and nationality.

American by nationality, the Marie-Laure actress is of White ethnicity. While details about her parents have yet to be revealed, Wikipedia reports that she was born and raised in Johnston, Rhode Island. Since the Netflix series is her first ever time acting, details about her early life and her parents' roots have been not disclosed yet.

Aria Mia Loberti is of White ethnicity. blurred-reality.comAria Mia Loberti is of White ethnicity.
Image Source: Instagram

However, we will not have to wait long. Aria Mia Loberti has fascinated viewers and critics with her performance in the series and has been receiving a lot of praise. Matter of fact, she has already been signed for another major project, a Spiderwick Chronicles adaptation.

On the other hand, Loberti (@ariamialoberti) was born with achromatopsia, a rare inherited eye disorder, in a severe form. Thus, she has low residual vision in some circumstances (which might vary greatly) and is entirely blind in others. She is extremely light-sensitive and colorblind. Regarding her role in All the Light We Cannot See, Loberti previously expressed her hope that the show will dispel certain myths regarding blindness and those who are blind. She said,

I hope people will come to truly understand that this is a representation of a way someone lives their life that is not by choice, but by circumstance. And by placing someone in a role authentically ensures that when you’re telling these stories, you’re doing so through a lens of truth.

Meet Aria Mia Loberti’s Character on All the Light We Cannot See!

Aria Mia Loberti plays the role of Marie-Laure LeBlanc, a blind French teen forced to abandon her home in Paris with her father when the Nazis invade, in the Netflix series.

Her father has always supported her in gaining the self-assurance and independence necessary to succeed in life, never letting her disability stand in the way of her goals.

Aria Mia Loberti plays the role of a blind teen in the Netflix series. blurred-reality.comAria Mia Loberti plays the role of a blind teen in the Netflix series.
Image Source: Netflix

In the four-part series, we follow Marie as she uses radio as a tool for resistance, communication, and hope while she and her father work to keep a valuable diamond out of the hands of the Nazis. In the end, she meets Werner—an odd ray of hope—who has been drafted into Hitler's government due to his unmatched expertise with radios and airwaves.

All the Light We Cannot See is now streaming on Netflix.

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