Anthony Standifer From I Am a Killer: Why Did the Kansas City Crip Gang Member From Missouri Kill Beverly Crowl?

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Anthony Standifer From I Am a Killer: Why Did the Kansas City Crip Gang Member From Missouri Kill Beverly Crowl?

Anthony Standifer from Netflix’s I Am a Killer shot and killed Beverly Crowl as she had seen his and his friend’s faces when they were on a heist. According to the show, the 37-year-old and a few Kansas City Crip Gang members entered the wrong house (Beverly’s) in order to steal marijuana and money from a drug dealer.

I am a Killer is a Netflix documentary series that depicts the lives of several convicts who have committed crimes of various intensities. The show already had three seasons previously and is back again with its fourth season, which was released on December 21, 2022.

The stories of 10 different individuals were featured in each of the first two seasons’ ten episodes, while six different characters were featured in each of the next two seasons’ six episodes. Six episodes, each lasting between 44 and 48 minutes, make up the fourth season.

The first episode of the new season titled Family Matters is about a Kansas City man who was found guilty of killing a retired Independence police clerk in 2010. Anthony Standifer, 37, who told camera crews his experience from the Jefferson City Correctional Center, is one of its newest participants.

He was given two life sentences and an extra 60 years in prison for the murder of Beverly Crowl, 69. You’ve come to the right place if you wish to learn about Anthony Standifer in detail.

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Anthony Standifer From I Am a Killer: A Silly Mistake Made the Kansas City Crip Gang Member From Missouri Kill Beverly Crowl!

Anthony Standifer, a resident of Independence, Missouri, reported having a challenging childhood. The 37-year-old explained in I Am a Killer how his mother was never able to provide him with the attention he required since she was constantly under the influence of drugs, while his father never accepted him as his son.

Anthony as a result shifted between different family members until he, at last, had a feeling of permanence with his aunt. He was compelled into the foster care system when he was 11 since his mother was no longer able to care for him.

Anthony Standifer, who was raised by the state and had no family of his own, joined the Kansas City Crip Gang at the age of 14. Although the Crips gave Anthony a sense of belonging, being in a violent gang had its drawbacks, and Anthony quickly began to engage in a number of minor crimes. Because of this, he was quickly in difficulty with the law and spent most of his adult life in and out of prison.

Although Anthony was on probation when Beverly Crowl was killed, he made a quick decision to work with his other accomplices, Nicholas Krejci, Melissa Farris-Visnich, and Darrin “DJ” Jefferson, to plan a robbery. In 2010, the group made the decision to rob a drug dealer’s home who was in possession of 15 pounds of marijuana and $7000 in cash. Anthony and DJ attempted to locate his home using the car parked in front of it despite not knowing his specific location.

As fate would have it, Beverly and the drug dealer shared a neighborhood and even a similar car. Because of this, the thieves entered her home thinking it belonged to a drug dealer only to discover the 69-year-old woman home alone. Beverly Crowl was retired and lived alone, so her home didn’t have many treasured items that the men might steal. After seeing their faces while on probation, Anthony Standifer determined Beverly had to die. Police investigations stated that Beverly looked to have been shot in an execution-style manner.

Although Beverly’s murder investigation was difficult at first, the authorities eventually discovered that the heist was a case of mistaken identification. They started investigating potential targets in the area as a result, and they quickly learned that someone was plotting to rob the drug dealer.

When the authorities followed up on that tip, Anthony Standifer immediately confessed to the killing and named his associates. Along with two charges of armed criminal action, they were accused of two counts of second-degree murder and one count of first-degree robbery.

When Anthony appeared in court, the jury found him guilty on all counts, and the judge sentenced him to two consecutive life terms in prison as well as an additional 60 years. Anthony is therefore still imprisoned at the Southeast Correctional Center in Charleston, Missouri, as he is still ineligible for parole.

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