Was Angus Cloud Gay? The Euphoria Star’s Sexuality Explored!

Natalia Romanova

Was Angus Cloud Gay? The Euphoria Star’s Sexuality Explored! blurred-reality.com

No, Angus Cloud was not gay. He was straight. In fact, he was rumored to be dating a woman named Sydney Martin, who had a minor role in Euphoria Season 2.

Angus Cloud was found dead recently on Monday at his family’s home in Oakland, Calif. According to his family, he buries his father last week and was struggling intensely.

Cloud was mostly recognized for his role as Fezco O’Neill, a drug dealer, in the LGBTQ-inclusive HBO series, Euphoria. Fez was also an occasional protector of Rue Benner (played by Zendaya) and a love interest of Rue’s friend, Lexi (played by Maude Apatow). Fez survived a gunshot at the end of Season 2. The character was supposed to return in Season 3.

On the other hand, we have discovered that many people have been curious to know about Angus Cloud’s sexuality. People wonder if he was gay since he had a key role in the LGBTQ-inclusive series. Well, here’s your answer.

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Angus Cloud Was Not Gay: The Euphoria Star Reportedly Had a Girlfriend!

No, Angus Cloud (@anguscloud) was not gay. While the 25-year-old actor never made any statements about his sexuality, we believe he was straight since he never hinted about being gay and was never linked to any men.

In fact, he was reportedly dating his rumored girlfriend, Sydney Martin, who guest-starred in Season 2 of Euphoria. While neither of them made anything official about their possible romance, Martin has been sharing multiple images of Angus Cloud on her Instagram since his death.

The Fez actor, Angus Cloud, was not gay. blurred-reality.comThe Fez actor, Angus Cloud, was not gay.
Image Source: Instagram

Even though Euphoria is an LGBTQ-inclusive series, Angus’ character, Fez, was straight in the series as well. He and Lexi were starting to like each even though they never expressed any feelings for each other.

Thus, we conclude that Angus was not gay. He was straight both on-and-off the screen. While we’re not sure why so many people even question his sexuality, we believe his role in Euphoria is the primary reason.

More About Angus Cloud’s Death!

The precise cause of the death of Angus Cloud is unclear for now. Rumors and speculations have circulated, but they are unverified. The actor’s family is in mourning, and discussing his passing sensitively is critical.

On July 31, 2023, his family issued an official statement announcing Angus’ death. While it acknowledged his death, it did not provide any specifics on the cause. They have requested respect and privacy during this difficult period. However, the statement hinted at Angus’s severe struggle following his father’s death, fueling speculation.

The cause of death of Angus Cloud has yet not been confirmed. blurred-reality.comThe cause of death of Angus Cloud has yet not been confirmed.
Image Source: Instagram

While his mother reportedly had placed a 911 call about a possible overdose, certain indicators point to suicide. Nevertheless, the exact cause of his death remains a mystery for now and we believe we should give his family privacy as they’re going through a hard time now.

Additionally, the death of Angus Cloud sparked an outpouring of sadness and sympathy. Friends, co-stars, and fans shared their grief on social media. Heartfelt and universal tributes were paid to the young actor. In his memory, charitable efforts have been established. These foundations strive to increase mental health and suicide prevention awareness. Through these projects and his mesmerizing performances, Angus’ legacy will undoubtedly live on.

For your information, Angus Cloud was well-known for keeping his personal life secret. During his Euphoria audition, he did, however, freely express his difficulties with depression and anxiety. His motivation for playing Fezco was a desire to increase mental health awareness.

He was candid about his mental health issues, giving people who typically suffer in silence a voice. His courageous public stance on these problems gave his professional character a new dimension.

At last, we request everyone to reach out to people who you think are going through mental health problems and drug addiction.