Amanda Leigh From Naked and Afraid: Where Is She Now?

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Amanda Leigh From Naked and Afraid: Where Is She Now? – Know everything about Amanda Leigh, who shocked everyone in Naked and Afraid season 3 (2014) as she survived 16 days all alone after her partner tapped out on Day 5. 

In order for two strangers of the opposite sex to survive a 21-day wilderness ordeal without food, water, shelter, or clothing—and at the same time, both possessing sufficient knowledge to withstand the challenging circumstances they find themselves in—they must conquer their deepest fears and inhibitions.

Naked And Afraid, a reality TV series that debuted in 2013 and is presently in its seventeenth season, tests a contestant’s guts and perseverance to live in harsh conditions in remote areas throughout the world. A slew of other television shows revolve around surviving in unusual situations.

While many contestants have participated and won the hearts of many viewers throughout the course of 17 seasons, there are very few who have left a mark. Amanda Leigh, being one of them, is still remembered by many. People want to know where she is now. Well, we’ve got you covered.

Amanda Leigh From Naked and Afraid: A Quick Glimpse at Her Journey on the Show

Amanda Leigh was a part of Naked and Afraid season 3 in 2014, held in Nicaragua. She is often considered one of the greatest participants as she was able to survive 16 days on her own. 

Amanda Leigh's journey on Naked and Afraid is often considered the greatest story of the show. blurred-reality.comAmanda Leigh’s journey is often considered the greatest story of the show.
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She and her partner, Joshua Bell, started their journey pretty well with only a machete and a roll of duct tape. However, Joshua gets sick due to dehydration just after 5 days of starting their 21-day challenge.

Everyone was worried about Amanda as she was left without a partner. She either had to quit the show or survive the 16 days alone. She almost tapped out on Day 17. However, something kept her going. She didn’t quit.

Her determination impressed everyone as she managed to survive 16 days on her own. Her remarkable journey is still one of the most popular stories in the history of the show

Where Is Amanda Leigh Now?

Since leaving Naked and Afraid, Amanda Leigh has chosen to keep her life out of the spotlight. However, some reports suggest that she still lives in the United States.

Despite not having strong evidence, there’s a high chance Amanda still lives in California as she used to live there when she participated in the show. However, she was born and raised in Texas. As per her Discovery bio,

Amanda is a born adventurer and never one to turn down a challenge. She was raised all over the state of Texas, where she quickly learned to adapt to ever-changing environments. Always being the new girl in town, Amanda spent a lot of time with her face buried in books or playing in the outdoors and discovering new hobbies.

Amanda Leigh isn't active on any social media platforms. blurred-reality.comAmanda Leigh isn’t active on any social media platforms.
Image Source: Facebook

Amanda decided to move to California after graduating from college and became heavily active in outdoor activities. She reportedly joined a group that trained for rappelling, canyoneering, rock climbing, kayaking, and other extreme outdoor activities. She also learned several skills from the group and enjoyed her time away from contemporary technology.

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