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Alex Schroeder | Destination Fear Season 3 Cast, Age, Birthday, Parents, Net Worth, Instagram

Alex Schroeder Wiki/Bio

Alex Schroeder is well-known for his performance in the comedy-drama film Virginia Minnesota (2018), and more noticeably on paranormal reality shows Ghost Adventures (2008), and Destination Fear (2019).

Destination Fear Season 3 Cast

Alex Schroeder is a season 3 cast on Travel Channel‘s reality series Destination Fear. The show premiered on 24th July 2021.

The rest of the cast on Destination Fear includes Dakota LadenChelsea Laden, and Tanner Wiseman.

Age, Birthday

Alex Schroeder is believed to be born around 1994, which makes his age 27, as of 2021.


Alex Schroeder was born and raised in Lakeville, Minnesota, and has almost remained there all his life. This was until 2018, when he moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, most likely to start a career.

Steve Schroeder, his father, is from Morris, Minnesota. He attended Morris High School in the region.

Later, Steve attended the University of Minnesota, Morris. Shawn McNab, Alex’s mother, attended Lakeville High School. Interestingly, both of Alex’s parents appear to have attended the same university.

Alex has several siblings, including sisters Gabriel Schroeder, Jordan Flynn, and Katelyn McNab, as well as a brother, Tishan Abrams.

Because Katelyn is Alex’s half-sibling, Alex’s parents may have divorced, or Katelyn must be Shawn’s child from a prior relationship.

Net Worth

Alex Schroeder’s net worth is estimated at $200,000.


Alex Schroeder is active on Instagram to his 23.6k followers. Check out his profile here!


Concerning the Destination Fear star’s educational background, he graduated from Lakeville South High School in 2012. He later enrolled at North Dakota State University.

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