Alan Ritchson Openly Admits to Taking Steroids

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Alan Ritchson Openly Admits to Taking Steroids – Yes, Alan Ritchson takes steroids. He previously revealed that he started taking TRT after Season 1 of Reacher. However, he takes TRT just a little bit and still works out hard at the gym.

With the rise of action movies, practically every leading man in Hollywood has undergone physical transformation at some point in their career. Alan Ritchson is currently making headlines as his physique in Amazon Prime‘s Reacher has stunned many viewers. He plays the lead role of Jack Reacher in the series.

Reacher is a force of nature, described as 6’5″ and 250lbs of American military-trained muscle. He is arrogant, calculating, and unbending. In addition to his performance, Alan Ritchson’s jacked physique is one of the reasons why he suits the role so well. He also seems as if he is competing in a professional body-building competition.

On the other hand, we have found that many people have been curious to know if Alan Ritchson takes steroids. Well, let’s find out what the truth is.

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Alan Ritchson Admits to Taking Steroids to Get Big and Stay in Shape!

Those who are into fitness and body-building are very well aware of what it takes to have a body as of Alan Ritchson (@alanritchson). While most celebrities hesitate about what they take to build a body and stay in shape, the Reacher actor has been very open about using steroids. He previously revealed that he takes TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy).

Alan Ritchson openly admits to taking steroids (TRT). blurred-reality.comAlan Ritchson openly admits to taking steroids (TRT).
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However, it wasn’t the same case in season 1 of Reacher. He worked very hard and amassed 30 lbs of muscle naturally for the debut season. But the stress and tiredness that resulted from building that physique meant his body wasn’t the same afterward, and he needed a little help if he wanted to keep playing Reacher for years to come. That was the problem he faced in preparation for the second season.

He then decided to take TRT, with advice from experts of course, and it’s one of the reasons Ritchson has become an advocate for men considering testosterone therapy as they approach middle age. Speaking to Men’s Health, he said,

Getting on testosterone was huge for me. I had none by the time I was done with season one, due to the stress and the fatigue and what I had done to my body…For me, it’s a long game. I want to do Reacher for 15 years… I don’t want to have to have surgery after every season, and testosterone helps.

Ritchson, on the other hand, continues to work hard at the gym to grow and maintain the muscle required for Reacher. He further added that he prefers to take a little help from steroids and work out hard at the gym rather than not working out at all and taking steroids in huge amounts. He explained,

If you increase it a little bit, which I have, you can start to put on muscle mass. I’ve never taken, like, 600 milligrams a week. I don’t know if I can handle that. But studies have shown that you can increase muscle mass [while] not working out [and just] taking 600 milligrams of testosterone a week. It definitely helps with muscle growth. If you take a little bit and then you work your ass off in the gym like you normally would, you’re going to see huge results.

What Is TRT? Is It Safe?

Looking at Alan Ritchson‘s physique in Reacher, you might want to take TRT. However, here is some information about TRT you need to know if you even consider taking it.

TRT is an abbreviation for Testosterone Replacement Therapy, which is a medical treatment (often labeled as steroids) used to augment testosterone in those who have low levels. To restore hormone levels to a normal range, testosterone is administered via injections, gels, patches, or implants. This therapy is mostly used to treat symptoms of low testosterone, such as fatigue, decreased libido, muscle loss, and mood problems.

Do not even consider taking steroids without expertise from professionals. blurred-reality.comDo not even consider taking steroids without expertise from professionals.
Image Source: Vitality Aesthetic

However, because of potential side effects such as acne and fluid retention, as well as long-term ramifications such as an increased risk of cardiovascular difficulties, TRT should only be used under physician supervision. Regular monitoring and tailored treatment regimens are required for it to be used safely and effectively.

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